I’m not too late, am I?

I feel like the negligent blogging sister!

It’s been four months since I have posted anything on here, and before you express concern, nothing at all is wrong. Life is good! It’s only that my time is not my own these days. Unfortunately, the blogging has taken a back seat (I surrender, I just can’t do it all!) and there has been very little gaming happening. My daily habit of reading your blogs was also put on ice to a large degree, but I pop my head in every once in awhile. What can I say, life is taking a lot of my headspace these days. Work, a rodent infestation in our garage, and a kitchen reno since my last post have been the time avengers.

As I write, my new kitchen is wrapped up in drop-cloths waiting for paint, but the worst is over, thankfully. Those of you who I’ve friended on Facebook have seen the pics – it’s looking good! All I got to say is my father-in-law and husband are great people. I chose the cabinets, countertop and flooring, and they put it together. Love them! I mean, I helped with what I could, but they did the grunt work. My kitchen is now functional, and I love it! After the kitchen is done, we’ll be back at it with a new laundry room. I’m telling you, it never ends!


I haven’t played much game as of late… but I have been playing the DLC for Borderlands 2 with the hubs over the holidays, and it’s been fun. I just can’t keep out of the Borderlands!


This Christmas, the hubs and I pulled out our Christmas decorations, and even trimmed a tree! I know this doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I think it is. It had been three years since we put up a tree. A lack of interest and our travel plans home over the holidays really didn’t make pulling out the decorations from under the stairs attractive. This year though really put us in the spirit. I bought a 3-ft tree at my local grocery store and went to town. Busting open the boxes of ornaments was a fun experience. I had forgotten all of the ornaments we own, including some old-timey ones from my mom, and Star Wars ones we’ve received as gifts. We even got into the Christmas spirit outside, as my husband strung some lights around our front door.


As we close out on another year, I would be remiss if I didn’t address all my “favourites” passing away, particularly George Michael. Gosh, that one hits me. In case you didn’t read my previous post on the subject, my mom always had it in for George Michael when I was growing up, and forbade me from owning and listening to his album, Faith; something about “I Want Your Sex” and my churchy upbringing, I suppose. To this day, my sis and I laugh at how she hated him. Last night, I was watching some YouTube vids of Michael’s…what a voice he had. Arguably one of the most natural voices in the music business. He sure had some great tunes too. RIP George Michael.

Anyway, this year, contrary to my past year-end posts, I won’t make any resolutions…I think I will just be and say, here’s to another year! I hope mine is full of happiness, gaming, music, love and friendship. And I hope the same for you.

Happy New Year, friends!


  1. You are not a negligent blogging sister! You are a busy lady! Man, home renovations are a huge time suck, and a whole kitchen? Haha hooboy, I totally get you on that one. And the bathroom next… really are a glutton for punishment haha…

    I’m glad you got a bit of gaming in. Funny, I don’t go in much for Christmas decorations, but with kids it’s inevitable. I’m happy you enjoyed going through it all!

    Yup, George Michael’s passing sucked. My sister was the huge fan, but I heard his work a lot. As 1537 rightly pointed out, his philanthropy was also greatly interesting.

    You know you can stop by anytime and always be welcome, Sarca. Stay good, have fun, and above all else: GIVE ‘ER!

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    1. Thanks Aaron. I know I can always count on you guys for support and friendship. And actually, it’s the laundry room next lol. The bathroom was done 6 ish years ago. Home ownership, eh?


      1. Haha I typed bathroom, but meant laundry room. Can you tell I’m tired? 🙂

        Ah yes, home ownership. All our upcoming projects will be outside. I’m gonna dig my first ever french drain. That’ll be fun…

        Absolutely friendship and support. COMMUNITY!

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          1. The drain’s for the side of the house. Our neighbour’s house sits higher than ours, so all the snow melt and rain runs down against our garage, and water pools there big time. Gonna dig a trench drain to the backyard to help it clear.

            Gardening can be fun. I have one rule: if I can’t eat it, I’m not planting it! Haha. So… my lovely wife handles the flowers and suchlike. I grow food. 🙂 You aiming for food, flowers, or both?

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            1. We have tried to have a food garden out back, but the soil is sand, the plot is abstructed by large cedar trees that I do not want to cut down because of privacy, and we have hares, skunks, mice and raccoons who love spending time back there overnight. So, we have unsuccessfully tried. So it’s parennials. But, there are about 6 flowerbeds to tend to, and it’s too much for me, so I’m looking to close down at least one or two that just look unsightly. The rest, I just need to reorganize. I haven’t been happy with my beds but it takes a lot of manhours to get it going which I have very little of these days.


            2. You got a lot of things (soil and critters) telling you not to get too far into gardening in that back yard! As for the beds to be reorganized…would it look bad if those just went back to grass? A thought. Simplicity may save your time…

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            3. Yes I plan to cover some with grass, some with patio stone. And one flower bed is at the very front of the house which I am thinking of fully reorganizing.


            4. Yeah, not much you can do about the front of the house… what would the neighbours think? Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa like we care what the neighbours think…

              Have fun reorganizing! Gardening can be very meditative, engrossing, and fulfilling. Or it can be a pain in the a**. I hope it’s the former for you!

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  2. Great kitchen choices Sarca, great installation gentlemen!
    Nice call on George Michael’s voice, he had a wonderful delivery and it’s been life-affirming reading about how secretly generous he was.
    Happy 2017!

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  3. What was the line, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans” ? Fortunately the blogging isn’t a job, it’s something we love to do when we can do it. Looks like you’ve been using your time wisely! The kitchen looks great, btw!

    Here’s to a fantastic 2017 for you and your husband, sis. And I’m with you, no resolutions. I’m just going to be. I have things I’d like to change, but I’m just going to keep them to myself. What happens, happens.

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