The Battle of Mom Versus George Michael

I had the biggest crush on George Michael when I was 13. I am well aware of the fact today that he was technically into dudes back then, even though he held the facade he was into ladies. But in 1988, he made all the girls swoon.


He was good looking, he had sex appeal, he sang about sex…He was the one musician my Mom loved to hate.

Growing up in a strict Baptist home, George Michael singing “I Want Your Sex” did not bode well with faith-based instruction, nor clean thoughts, even though I grew up in a family of nurses and learned about “that stuff” officially in the fourth grade (got 100% on that test…so did everyone else in the class). Sex talk was still a stoic subject with the adults. That stuff was not to be talked about, seen, nor definitely explicitly sung about in my house.

It didn’t help that George Michael’s hit, Faith, was scorching the charts with its simulated church-hymn organ music at its start. A casual religious listener would think, “ah, nice tune! Gotta have faith! Great! Very Christian.” Don’t let my mom see that video with George’s bum front and centre and say that’s religious. It didn’t work – she was onto it. Father Figure and One More Try certainly didn’t help the cause either.


My Mom’s fear my sis and I would become too interested in boys and then teen moms was palpable, so she definitely put the FEAR OF MOM into us. I don’t fault Mom for any of this – widowed single parent with two kids, and trying to keep us as wholesome as possible for as long as secular culture would let her. And my sis and I were both at the age (13 and 16) where boys were on our radar.

But I was a sensible kid: that was not going to happen to me (and it didn’t). Even at 13, I didn’t think any of this was a big deal. A song was not going to make me pregnant. “I Want Your Sex”…It’s a song. There’s a sexy video, but so what? Will it mean I’m going to run away with George Michael? In my wildest dreams, Mom.


All this meant that I was not allowed to buy, listen to or watch George Michael at home. If it popped onto the radio by chance and my Mom was in earshot, she’d tell us to turn it off. Strict? Well, it was George Michael-specific. Before him there was Duran Duran and she basically let us watch, buy and see Duran Duran without a fight (I mean, Hungry Like the Wolf ain’t about starving for a bacon double cheeseburger, people!)

Regardless of the rules at home, there were other ways to listen to George Michael. I was a clever girl. This didn’t mean my mom knew what was happening away from home…

One of my closest friends at the time was an only child who was a year older than I was, but who basically had the best selection of music and clothes of anyone I had ever met. One would think she was spoiled, but I don’t remember her ever begging anything from her parents, or her ever saying, “I’ll just ask my Daddy for that…” She would just… have it. She had a lot of stuff that other girls my age wished for. To start, she had George Michael’s Faith on cassette, and whenever I was over at her house, we’d listen to it. Sooner or later, other classmates acquired Faith through Christmas gifts or what have you. George Michael would be heard at school dances and classmates’ birthday parties. But, I still was not allowed a copy. Meanwhile, I’d groove to Hard Day in my own head, hum to Kissing a Fool under my breath, and dance like George to a version of Faith that played in my brain: “‘Cause I gotta have a-Faith-a-faith-a-faith-AH!” I knew every song on George Michael’s Faith album, but didn’t own a copy.

Then, June of 1988 rolled in – Grade 8 graduation imminent, and my Mom asked me: “Your sister had a Grade 8 grad party…you can have one too, if you want – do you want to throw a party?”

Are you kidding? My answer was YES!!

Preparations were made for this bash: We made room in the garage for dancing (because there had to be room for dancing!) and had the run of the backyard. Being June in Sudbury, Ontario, we’d be guaranteed decent temperatures. Pizza, pop and music. That’s all you need.

Except for one thing…my classmates were going to expect George Michael on the music roster. I didn’t have any George Michael. I was not allowed any George Michael. What to do…what to do…

I decided to let people bring their own music and play it on our shitty stereo system. Problem solved! This worked out especially well as others brought music I didn’t have access to.

The party went awesomely – a 3 hour festival of fun. Everyone had a good time. George Michael played endlessly without a peep from my mom.

I was soon leaving on a month-long exchange trip to Toulon, France, and I remember trying to think of a way to get my hands on a copy of Faith to listen to while there, because even though she allowed me to play I Want You Sex on the home stereo during my Grad party, my Mom still wouldn’t budge on me owning my own copy of Faith. At this point I dropped the $2 to get my hands on a 45 of the title track, Faith, and I would secretly play it while my mom was at work. You’re probably thinking why I wouldn’t just borrow my friend’s copy: she clung to that cassette and refused to lend it out.

Not all hope was lost, however. A few days before my party, I ran into an old friend at the Orthodontist. I invited her to come to my party. Thanks to reconnecting with her, she lent me her copies of Faith and Crowded House’s self-titled album on cassette in time for me to leave on my trip, in exchange for me buying her a copy of Depeche Mode – the French fashion magazine that a certain band named themselves after – DONE! I hid the fact I had a copy of George Michael’s Faith burning a sinful hole in my carry-on luggage and no one was the wiser.

That month in France allowed me to acquaint myself further with the Faith album. Listening to Faith today conjures up great memories for me.

After my trip, I managed to dub myself a copy of Faith onto a blank cassette.  I listened to that for a few months until my shitty walkman ate it. It’s almost like neither the universe, nor my Mom for that matter, wanted me to have this album in my life.

After that summer, I started high school, and my Mom lifted her ban on George Michael. But, I slowly moved on to other musicians – INXS for starters – and getting a copy of Faith became less important. So it goes.

I didn’t end up with my own copy of the Faith album until 2004 when I randomly found a used copy in a bin at a record store. Listening to it again was like coming home, only this time I could listen to it without interference.

When I look back on this situation now, I know it seems like my Mom was a bit harsh. Like I said, it was all meant to be framed in love and protection, and I forgive her for it today, even though it wasn’t understood as such at 13. Back then, all I wanted was a little “Faith-ah faith-ah faith-AH!”

And today, a lot can be said for making up for lost time.





  1. “Guilty pleasure feet have got no rhythm” I admit that George and his former band “Wham” are things I do not skip over if a song or two has “accidentally” made the playlist on my iPod. :)….and it is only a song or two…maybe three…or four….but that is it-I am a connoisseur of fine rock music.


    1. No! George Michael only!
      The hubs and I talked about the weird things our parents were obsessed with…George Michael really got in her craw.
      Michael Hutchence was all over my life (and bedroom walls) for a good 5 years. Never mind, I had a Simon Le Bon poster on my wall wearing super tight leather pants and she was more worried the masking tape would take up the plaster than she was worried about being able to see Simon’s sauseege through leather.


        1. Yes, and got a big thorny barb caught around her upper arm lol
          The hubs was heavy into Pamela before we met. Haha, Pam and I…there is no comparison lol.


            1. Oh, lovely! I like Mel C! She has the best voice of all of them. And the most down-to-earth, too. Spice Girls were a guilty pleasure of mine.


      1. My folks were pretty permissive about me trying out new music that might possible have been racy or whatever, but I do remember sitting in the porch one afternoon with my radio and a copy of Kick Axe – Vices that I’d gotten from the Columbia House tape club. And my Mom walked by the doorway, listened for a minute, and then clearly said “what is that SHIT youre listening to?” hahaha.


  2. Cool story! My Dad obsessed over “Mott The Hoople”- he couldn’t get over that name, would strettttccchhh out the vowels, mocking it any way he could. Never said a WORD about the Frank Zappa albums right beside it.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha! Ah, to a certain extent. My mom wouldn’t leaf through the records and play them hardly ever. And, my music never mixed with hers. She would just come into our room and turn off the radio, or come downstairs and change the channel. It was a lot of effort on her part since GM was EVERYWHERE!


      1. I’m told by my sister, that my mom would go through my music videos that I recorded. I also know that for a while when I was in highschool my aunt refused to buy me metal albums for gifts.

        This changed later on in highschool. I knew it had changed when my grandma bought me an Ozzy album with probably the most devilish album art I’d seen yet, it was Blizzard of Ozz.


        1. We had a housekeeper who would apparently snoop through my mom’s stuff – not that she hid anything errant.
          It’s possible my mom did the same thing with us…if she did, she was pretty sneeky, because I didn’t know about it. I was pretty private. I would make a mess of my room on purpose so my mom wouldn’t want to go in there. Almost like, “Good luck finding anything, mom!


  3. I never thought about the Hungry Like a wolf lyrics, wait a second!

    Nice post Sarca – people (even my beloved Arrested Development) will use George Michael as a punchline but he was a very good songwriter. Both Faith & Listen without prejudice are on the 1001 (your listen without interference line reminded me of that one!) and both certainly belong there.


  4. ‘Fraid Mr Michael always turned my stomach a little (I’m much more of a Andrew Ridgeley fan myself !) and sadly I can’t relate to this. Growing up with ex-hippie parents, I was always asking them to turn their music down when I wanted to get to sleep. True.

    Funnily enough there’s a part of me that secretly, childishly really wishes my parents had reacted that way to one of my bands. I remember playing AC/DC really loud and my mum coming in and saying ‘Ooh, if you like that you’d really love this band called led Zeppelin that we used to go and see …’ (Fumes).


    1. Damn! Hippie parents! I am so far removed from that concept. My mom was an administrator in a hospital – classical music was her thing. I had a serious upbringing for the most part, but my mom did have some sense of fun and enjoyment when it really counted.


          1. That’s so brilliant – I always turn my music off just before I pull into wherever I’m picking my kids up from.

            I really, really go for it in the car. My ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ is a world beater. True ‘dat.


            1. Hah, mine’s “mo’ money mo’ problems” with the windows rolled down. Rolling down the highway, it works…Stopped at a light in Toronto? …um, I turn that shit down…


            2. Last time Aaron and I went to Toronto, there was this rapper dude in the car behind us, JUST GOING FOR IT. Like rapping as if he was Ice Cube in a music video. (Maybe it was.) I would have loved to have got video of him, but I’m not an idiot.


            3. I go for it on the road, and sing at lights, but lately I have had the windows rolled down. I can sing, but still, you never know who you might offend next to you.


            4. Me too. I don’t give a crap in the car. I’m playing air drums are every red light. I don’t give an F, because I know I’m listening to better music than the douche in the car next to me.

              I turn mine down when I visit my dad. He always says the same thing: “I could hear you coming for half a mile!”


            5. The hubs says that to me, if he’s home and I’m pulling up. I say, “…and? I can hear AC/DC coming from the house pulling up!” lol


      1. Oh man I love that car rap scene. Office Space rules.

        I sing in the car too, and now the kids sing with me. My son’s favourite is still (after all this time) the “whoa! yeah!” parts of Kickstart My Heart.

        I remember that rapper dude, Mike, that was when we got all turned around on those stupid streets that didn’t go where we wanted them to, near Yorkdale.

        And 1537, having a shaved in while working in an office is TOTALLY subversive. I did it for years, right under the eye of THE MAN. And then I worked for one of our national banks! Oh man, I was so rebellious. Shirt, tie, shaved head and my supremely, um, bad attitude!


  5. My sister loved George Michael. LOVED. There was no particular ban on Wham! or the GM solo stuff in our house, so I heard it A LOT. I was pretty young when all that was going on, so I followed her lead and liked it for a while too. Ah, kids. I still have a copy of Faith here, somewhere, and largely because my lovely wife also gets a nostalgia kick from hearing it. But I must cnfess I haven’t played it in ages. And in case you missed it, they’ve remastered the record and included a 9-track second CD. Add it to the Christmas list, perhaps? 🙂


  6. Well, I’m not a fan, but this was a really good story. The “I knew every song on George Michael’s Faith album, but didn’t own a copy.” part in particular made me smile.


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