[Review] Hardest Game Ever 2 (Android) – Is It? Let’s Find Out

Ever like to challenge yourself with a game that boasts that there is no way you can win? For me that depends. I mean, who wants to play a game just knowing you have no chance of winning?

I have said that I lurve Mortal Kombat, but I am not that good at it….when competing against my husband, that is, who knows all the moves (actually, he just trips me over and over, and gets the flawless victory award). I know going in there might be an excellent chance that I will not win. I still play it though, because it’s fun, and it doesn’t make you feel bad for losing.

In comes the Hardest Game Ever 2, a free app I played on my Android tablet; a game that *says* it’s the hardest game. Challenge accepted…? Actually, I wanted to try it out because apparently it’s one of the top downloads right now on Google Play, and I am a curious cat. And it’s free.

At its core, the Hardest Game Ever 2 plays on your strengths and weaknesses in working memory and motor skills. The game consists of a set of mini-games. The first game’s objective is to try to tickle an erratic-moving animated foot with a virtual feather. For every tickle, you get points. At the end of the game, the points are added up, and you are given a grade. Get higher than an F, and the next game unlocks for you. Another game is rock paper scissors, where two fists appear in front of you, each giving its own choice (rock, paper or scissors), and you need to determine as rapidly as possible which side has won. This game was where my weaknesses were prevalent. I have always had trouble with these quick “working memory”-type games, and I failed at this particular one miserably. I think the game took mercy on me, because after my 12th try, it unlocked another stage. I didn’t do that well, but couldn’t help myself – I kept playing this rock paper scissors game for another 12 rounds! Onto the next game, this one was particularly fun: you tap two fingers rapidly on a pad to simulate a kid’s running legs – this objective was to “run” the kid to reach the toilet on time.

The Hardest Game Ever 2 is, for the most part, not the hardest game ever, and in fact, the game is made so much easier with multiple tries. There is a mixed bag of difficulty in its mini games, which is good, because that way, it appeals to a larger audience with varied skills and strengths, and keeps your interest. It is an entertaining time-waster that reminds me of Warioware, and in fact, the feet-tickling game, and another where you have to keep a snotty-nosed kid’s head out of his soup is very much like Warioware’s mini-games only different in scenario and semantics. The game is also smooth-running and responsive on my tablet which is a plus.

So if you have an Android device, and are looking for a little time-waster game, check out the Hardest Game Ever 2.

Hardest Game Ever 2
Developer: Orangenose Studio
Released: 2013

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