[Review] Ardy Lightfoot (SNES) – Warm, Fuzzy, Familiar

Last month, I was encouraged by some of my readers to play some SNES games. I went in without any expectations, scrolling through the list of games on the Wii emulator, and came upon an interesting name to a game: Ardy Lightfoot.

Ardy is some type of fox (I think?)…well, he has a bushy tail and ears like a fox…Let’s say he’s a fox. He has a trusty side-kick; a blue penguin named Pec. The story goes that a very important rainbow shattered into seven pieces, and Ardy Lightfoot needs to locate all of them. If he collects them all he is granted a wish. Ardy’s arch nemesis, Visconti, already has one rainbow piece and is looking for more, so Ardy has to act fast.

Ardy Lightfoot is the ubiquitous SNES platformer game, if ever there was one. The mechanics to Ardy Lightfoot are very much like a Mario game, especially some scenes where Ardy travels down a mine shaft and pushes stones out of the way. He can also throw his sidekick at people or at objects to eat them or remove them, like Yoshi can do for Mario. It’s hard not to draw comparisons to Mario – the backdrop, how the characters move, how Ardy jumps on his tail to reach higher ground – is very much what Mario does in his games. Even boss fights where you attack by jumping on the opponent’s head to weaken them is like Mario.

Overall, I enjoyed Ardy Lightfoot’s familiarity and easy controls. Playing this game feels like stepping into a warm relaxing bath that is fast-paced, action-packed, and fun! Not unique, not different: just familiar.

Calgon, take me away…!

Ardy Lightfoot (SNES)
Developer: ASCII / Titus
Released: 1994


  1. Cool review! I’ve never heard of Ardy Lightfoot. Any relation to Gordon, I wonder? No, probably not, Ardy does indeed look like a fox to me.

    What is his sidekick thing there? It looks like a bird-fish.


    1. I had to read up on him. Pec is some sort of penguin. If they made him a bluebird or a sparrow, it would make more sense to me. Penguin just seems random

      My husband had never heard of Ardy, either. I couldn’t help but puff my chest out a little hearing that. lol


          1. Right on, I’m now starting my fourth. My last espresso didn’t work out too well.

            But to keep on the subject of gaming, perhaps this energy boost has given me the power, because I just solved a bonus World of Goo level. YEAH!


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