wild west

The WordPress Wild West

For months now, my blog has not shown up independently in the WordPress reader. If you followed my blog you would be able to see it, but otherwise, you could not.

Tagging your blogposts is supposed to help get you exposure on WordPress, and one reason why I started writing on WordPress since I had a blog on Blogger, and that platform was horrible for trying to get followers and connecting with a blogging  community.

Well, I have about 146 blogposts logged, and am only getting a maximum 5 views a day. My follower numbers have been stuck at the same number for weeks. I always wondered why. It wasn’t until I searched in the tag cloud in the WordPress Reader for Mass Effect, when I noticed my blog was not showing up under it.

Xbox 360 tag? Nope.

Gaming diary tag? Not a chance.

Alrighty then, let’s do some research. My highly analytical mind likes to read up before asking any questions in a public forum so I don’t look like a fool. I discovered some of the reasons my blogposts wouldn’t show up in the Reader which are as follows:

1. It’s been flagged mature. Um, okay, I have been writing about the bewwwbly matriarch in Mass Effect, but otherwise, no nudity here.

2. I have been using more than 15 categories / tags per post. Nope.

3. No duplicates of tags – that’s considered spam tagging. Not on my blog.

I could not figure it out. So, I wrote the WordPress forums.

I went in thinking, “This could be dangerous.”

Funtime at the ol’ hacienda… (Photo: romanoroberts.com)

The forums are the wild west of WordPress dot COM. There are 25 million bloggers and a small number of volunteers who man that helm, along with “happiness engineers” which are staff with actual abilities to solve your technical glitches.

I posted to the forum over a week ago explaining my issue and that I had already looked over their solutions in the support area and other past posts…none of it applied to my blog. I waited. And waited.

In all fairness, Easter Weekend was around the corner, so I knew there would be a backlog. Okay, fine.

Then I got my hand slapped by a forum volunteer for posting an update to the forum. Whatever you do, if you use the forum, ask your question and wait ’til the mods look into your problem. My “update” set me back another 3 days in the queue. Alright, my bad.

And while I’m talking about it, let me say this about the forum volunteers: you guys work tirelessly to answer questions, but some of us can tell when you have had enough of the inane repetitive questions. If you are tired of the same questions being asked in the forums over and over, maybe you ought to move away from the computer, because yeah, some of your responses to some posters could use some kindness in the responses. I understand the difference between rude and blunt and there is quite a fine line there. Some of us are stressed out and need an answer; your blunt responses do not help anyone. /rant

In the end, I had a KIND WordPress Happiness Engineer email me to tell me one blogpost from last June had a link to Big Fish Games. This was against WordPress dot COM’s terms of service, because I guess it linked to the page where you could buy a game. I went in and removed the link, and wouldn’t you know it?

My blogs are appearing in the Reader again! Hooray!!

The moral to the story? Use the WordPress forums but expect to wait. The volunteers can be blunt, but in the end you’ll get your issue resolved.

Now, back to Mass Effect…