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[Review] Them Tiki Physics Puzzle Games: Somebody Stop Meeeee (IOS / Android)

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Lately, I’ve been living like it’s 2010, and playing games on my iPod Touch. That’s right, I’m reverting back to when my iTouch was my only link to mobile gaming…back before “Android phones and tablets” ever passed my lips.  As it is, I use my iPod as my primary music player. Going way back, I played some pretty decent games on that device, and most were free. I attribute it to my getting started into hidden object games as well as kicking my love for casual games into high gear.

My last gaming review, Amazing Adventures, reminded me of a free game I used to play on my iPod Touch called Tiki Totems. In Tiki Totems, you are given the task of protecting a little yellow statue. The puzzle gives it to you perched precariously on top of a pile of blocks, which you must remove strategically so that the fragile tiki lands gently on the ground. Think Jenga in 2D here. If that Totem drops to the ground, it breaks…and the Tiki gods don’t think that’s cool. They will erupt a volcano situated in the background, and you lose. Tiki Totems is not overly sophisticated but still stands today; some nice bright graphics and a cool jungle beat can be heard in the background as you solve puzzle after puzzle. This game is considered a physics puzzle game and has been my king of time suckage lately. Unfortunately for some of you, this FREE game is only available on iOS… so yay to you iPhone users!

…But don’t worry Android users, it doesn’t mean you are left out.

As it normally goes for me now, I often see if there is some equivalent game originally played on iOS now available on the Android. It’s natural…I have an Android phone, and don’t always carry my iPod around…Like I mentioned, Tiki Totems is not available on Android, but lucky for everyone, the creator of Tiki Totems took it one step further in developing its sister game, Tiki Lavalanche, and it’s a cool spin on the original Tiki Totem idea. And equally addictive.

In Tiki Lavalanche, you are now protecting a group of gold blocks, precariously perched on piles of temporary blocks hanging over a lava lake. You are to remove those blocks strategically so that each gold block falls onto one of the waiting permanent platforms just above the water line. You lose up to three of those blocks into the hot drink, and you awake the volcano god, who will unleash an erupting volcano on your ass. What makes this game even more fun and challenging is that some of the blocks have several behaviours – some bounce the objects, some are actually made of glass that break, tumbling down the whole works. There are even bombs you explode. Like Tiki Totems, the graphics in Tiki Lavalanche are brightly coloured and a similar exotic jungle drum soundtrack plays while you solve your latest puzzle.

Tiki Lavalanche is free to play – with ads. You can pay to play without them if you so desire; Google Play was going to charge me under $3. And best part: this game is also available for iOS users so everyone can enjoy this fun casual and seriously addictive game. I have become so obsessed with Tiki Lavalanche, that I have made sure to complete each puzzle without losing any blocks. It hasn’t been easy, but that is where my competative gaming nature comes to the surface.

See for yourself…try out a Tiki puzzle game today and get nothing else done!

Tiki Totems and Tiki Lavalanche
NoodleCake Games/ Spokko