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[Review] The Hurricanes (SNES) – It’s Fun… and Maybe I’m Broken

This Fall when I was laid up in bed with a bad back, I had the opportunity to try out a bunch of SNES games on an emulator. One of them happened to be a real gem that I had never heard of; even my gamer husband hadn’t heard of it…The Hurricanes. It was different, that’s for sure. And in playing it, I discovered after repeated attempts that I could not manage to get past the first chapter. I will explain how in a bit.

From what I can gather, The Hurricanes is a soccer / football team that is given the challenge of competing in obstacle courses of sorts – where they have to control their soccer ball while jumping, dodging insects and monkeys and other players who attempt to steal your ball. For example, the first chapter has you play on Hispanola Island; a rocky, dusty, arid island that has you trek around scorpions, cacti, and the occasional opposing player; all the while, you try not to deflate your ball or get yourself killed. As you go through the challenge, you can earn trophies and medals that you gain by kicking your ball at them as they appear on-screen. As you move through the game, the scene changes and you are met with a whole new set of challenges. The game is an arcade style side-scroller, and the gameplay is short (five short chapters). Plotwise, there is probably some subplot surrounding the Hurricanes’ manager that I never got into, because, well, I kept dying…

The game is fun, what I played of it. I ran into trouble at one part near the end of the first chapter. My character basically needed to leap over to the other side of a wide gap, but the TV screen wouldn’t let me see the other side. Essentially, I was taking a “leap of faith”, much making the jump, not knowing if I would land on the other side, and…wouldn’t! I’d do a Peter Pan into the abyss, and that was it – game over. Now I know the game isn’t broken, because I have seen plenty of YouTube videos that show that you do reach the other side of the jump. So, I guess I am broken…

One puzzling thing: the cover of the game has a female soccer player prominently on the front of the game. and unfortunately from what I can gather, the girl you see on the team seems to exist only on the title screen, as you are only able to play one of two dudes – Cal or Napper. Initially, I thought I was playing a female who looked like a guy with a ponytail. Further investigation reveals that the girl is a dude after all. Okay, then…

Anyway, I realize this game is hard to find and really obscure, but if you happen to find it somewhere, it’s fun!

The Hurricanes (SNES)
Publisher: Nintendo
Released: 1994