Rooms the Main Building

[Review] Rooms: the Main Building (Nintendo DS)

A great mindless puzzler with a wtf plot. That’s how I would summarize Rooms: the Main Building, a game I am playing on the Nintendo DS.


It’s Mr. X’s birthday! His gift: getting propelled into a mystical hotel, the rooms of which are all completely scrambled around. Happy Birthday, Mr. X! Someone really doesn’t like you…Providing aid during his journey is Mr. Book, which is, well, a book of course…a book with eyes (creepy, creepy eyes…). There is also a sleeping chest that snores, that you wake up hitting it in the head with a mallet then feeding it planks. Yeah, okay, the story is lame, but hang in there. The GAME itself is fun.

So, Mr. X is caught in a scrambled room – his task is to find a way out through the door – but how can he with the room completely scrambled?? That’s where you come in. In this game you slide the scrambled image around, helping Mr. X get to the door so he can leave the room. The challenge lies in the fact that Mr. X can only move left or right unless a particular square happens to have a ladder. Other obstacles include locked doors, framed squares which impede access or a square that has debris. There are some elements that help Mr. X move around, such as a telephone teleporter that allows him to be spirited from one square to another and keys he can use to unlock a door in the room.


The graphics are not terribly sophisticated; actually, they are crap to be honest, and of course, par with other DS games, the top screen is a total waste while the bottom must include EVERYTHING, which makes for a teeny tiny playing area.

There are 100 puzzles to solve; a varied mix of easy to complex.  There is plenty of time-wasting fun in Rooms, that I would put in the same category as a crossword, sudoku or picross-type of game; something you can pick up or drop on a whim without much thought. Just don’t think too hard about the plot…

Rooms: The Main Building (Nintendo DS)
Developer: Hudson / Nintendo
Released: 2010