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[Review] Endless Ocean (Wii) – “Calm Blue Ocean” in a Video Game

It’s been three years since the hubs and I took a trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. What a fantastic time we had. The beach was wonderful and where we spent most of our time. But one activity we took advantage of was to go on a snorkelling excursion. It cost a bit to do, but I loved swimming around looking at the coral and exotic fish. The game, Endless Ocean for the Wii, brought me back to that time. The game, if you could call it that, is completely devoid of stress, thrills and party-times. Instead, it’s like the yoga of video games…and sometimes, my friends, we need a little relaxation with our games.

In Endless Ocean, you are a hired scuba diver who lives on a boat with Katherine Sunday, a hip marine biologist who can’t swim. You are given the task of exploring the Manaurai Sea, checking out the marine life, befriending and training a dolphin, feeding schools of fish and finding treasure. It’s quite relaxing with no fixed timeline and no penalty. You are given small jobs to do, but once you are finished your job, you are permitted to explore the deep until you get tired or run out of oxygen.

For a game released in 2007, I have to say Endless Ocean plays great and looks wonderful. Moving from one scene to the next is seamless, and the controls are easy to use. I actually found myself enjoying checking out the different fish, and marvelled how not cheesy this game is.

I haven’t finished Endless Ocean, and I don’t think I will…at least not for a while. I am taking my sweet time with this one. This game is so relaxing and fun, I think I’ll stretch it out a little bit so the gameplay is…well…endless!

Endless Ocean (Wii)
Developer: Arika / Publisher: Nintendo
Released: 2007

Credit: / Nintendo