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[Review] Simulacra (PC)

Here is another phone simulator-type game – Simulacra  – available on Steam! I am really digging these types of games as it allows you to safely be a snoop without guilt. Simulacra is the spiritual successor to SIM: Sara is Missing and does many things very well.

You find a phone that belongs to Anna. In it, several apps are available to open and read their contents. Some of the files are corrupted, and upon recovery, you find a shaky fuzzy video Anna pleading for help. Several apps are available, including a browser app, a messenger app (Jabbr), a dating app and an Instagram type app. Through these apps, you learn more about Anna, her family and friends, and what she has been up to. You also interact with some of her friends to get answers or to recruit help in locating her. You suspect one or more of her contacts are responsible, and your interactions with them could have a lasting effect on the outcome of the story. And let me tell you…that ending…

Simulacra is considered a jump-scare horror game, but it is a lot of fun. Really, it is very well made and has re-playability. Unfortunately for you all, my screenshot program wouldn’t work with this game – but all the more reason to just buy it on Steam and try it out yourself! Great game!


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