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[Review] The Silent Age Episode Two (Android)

October 16, 2014 release!

Some of you may recall back this summer when I wrote about a FREE FREE FREE adventure game for Android and iOS called the Silent Age Episode One, a game with an interesting story, tight graphics, awesome gameplay and atmospheric music. I even gave the game a 10/10, which I never do lightly. My only critique was that this game’s sequel was in production…and I had to wait patiently to see how the story ended.

Well, folks, the Silent Age Episode Two has been released, and it does not disappoint!

To recap from the first episode, Joe the Janitor works a menial job in an office building. He comes upon a dying old man in the building’s basement, evidently bleeding to death. The old man hands a time traveling device to Joe and tells him he needs to go into the past to save the future. But, first he must go into the future, which as he discovers, is a land of decay and devoid of humans.

In this final episode, the story continues with Joe on a mission to undo the damage. I realize now that not much can be said other than what was recounted in my first review of this game without revealing important elements of the plot. Let’s just say, if you are a fan of science fiction, this story would be right up your alley. Think of it as a quirky Michael Crichton point and click adventure!

That said, the Silent Age Episode Two is not a serious game. In fact, like in the first episode, your protagonist, Joe, is very much a normal dude with a sense of humour, and other characters mimic this as well, giving a little lift to a more serious plot, which is welcoming.

Speaking of this game being a point and click: again, the Silent Age Episode Two is a solid game- no hiccups on my Android tablet. Seriously, not a single game I have played on my tablet has been as solid as the Silent Age franchise. In terms of gameplay, there is not much difference between episodes. The graphics look awesome; this game is truly a work of art.

Finally, the Silent Age Episode 2 cost me around $6.50 CAD in an in-app purchase at the end of episode One, which to me is worth every penny considering the first episode is FREE. I mean, with this quality of game, the developers, House On Fire, deserve it. Congrats to them on a great game!

And to the rest of you: play this! You will not be disappointed!

10/10 !!!

The Silent Age Episode Two
Developer: House On Fire
Released: October 16, 2014

[Review] The Silent Age Episode One (Android)

Alert!! Free game for Android / iOS and it’s awesome!

Joe is a janitor working in a big high-rise who, one dark and stormy day is roaming around the basement of the building and comes upon a trail of blood. He follows it to a back room where he finds an old man there bleeding to death. The man says he is from the future and gives him a device that can move him back and forth in time. Joe thinks the guy is full of it, but tries to help the old man. As Joe leaves the back room to seek help, a security guard stops him and arrests him under suspicion of murder.

At the police station, Joe uses the device and flips into the future where he notices that things are surprisingly silent…and dead. Urban decay has taken over every room of the police station. Joe’s goal now is to leave and find the old man to figure out what this device is and what has happened in the future to cause everything to die. Joe uses the time traveling device to flip back and forth to move about the building undetected or to possibly provide a better chance of accessing locked or blocked doors. This is the first episode of the Silent Age, a game by developers House On Fire, currently FREE to play on Android, and iOS.


People, if you are into point-and-click adventure games, you will want to try the Silent Age out! It is one of the best free adventure games I have played on my tablet so far, and as you know, I have played at least three that I gave a failing “this game blows” tag.

The good: The animation is cool and stable. It played nicely on my Android tablet, and never once did I have to repeatedly poke-poke at the screen to get the character to move.

The bad: It is only one episode of 5 chapters, so, it’s relatively short. The developers are working on episode 2, and charging $3.99 in pre-order. I don’t think that’s bad, except it left me wanting more…and now I must wait!


This game was great fun. The music set the tone for the game – mysterious and spooky – and the game insists you play with your headphones on. As mentioned, the Silent Age did not screw up my tablet at all, and saved my progress automatically without my intervention. The animation is interesting and fresh. About the only negative thing I can really say about that is that Joe the janitor walks around like his bowl of Colon Blow finally caught up to him.

I am really looking forward to the second episode of the Silent Age to see what happens in the story. I highly recommend it (and it’s FREE!!)


The Silent Age Episode One
Developer: House On Fire
Released: 2013