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[Review] Infernus: Verse 1 (Android)

Imagine waking up in a dark prison cell, not knowing where you are. All you know is your mattress is funkified, the floor hasn’t seen Mr. Clean in years and your neighbour in the cell across the way likes throwing rocks at you. That is the premise of the survival horror game Infernus: Verse 1, which I played on my Asus eeePad Transformer Android tablet. The game is free on Google Play.

The very first thing you see as the game starts is a concrete wall with some sort of stain on it. You can hear the clap of thunder as you scan your new surroundings, and the creepy airy atmospheric music starts. You look around your cell and soon figure out this is no room at the Comfort Inn – time to find your way out! In order to do so, you have to explore your surroundings, pick up items and try to escape.

Infernus: Verse 1 is very short – 4 minutes to be exact. The game looks okay and it tries hard to creep you out with lighting and the airy dungy-basement music… That is, if you can actually play the darn game effectively. My main complaint about this game is the controls. Man, they suck – plain and simple. At one point, I was supposed to put a mirror piece up on a window sill and look to see what is beyond it. I couldn’t, because I was stuck at a weird perspective that I could not get up from.

I restarted the game and tried again several times, and each time I experienced a different problem. One time I could get the perspective right, but then I had to reach down and lift up a tile from the floor. I couldn’t manage that – the game would not detect my finger. Another time I was stuck between the bed and the cell’s bars. In the end, I checked someone’s YouTube tutorial (which looked as though he was also having a difficult time with the controls) just so I could see how the chapter ends already.

Infernus: Verse 1 was frustrating. Too bad: I wanted to see where this was going, but if the controls for part 2 are like part 1, I am not going to bother putting down $0.99 for the sequel. This is not to say others won’t have an issue with the game with their Android tablets, but buyer beware!

Infernus: Verse 1
Developer: Moloten
Released: 2011

Credits: 1. Google Play / 2.