[Review] Discolored (Demo) (PC)

Discolored is a walking sim puzzle game currently in development by Jason Godbey for which I received a Steam key for a demo of this game for free! Jason is known for his artwork and most notably, the development of the point-and-click puzzle game The Search. I came upon Discolored by accident, as I often do when browsing games on Steam. An invitation to request a Steam key for this game’s demo arrived, and curious, I jumped at the chance to try it out.

Because Discolored is still in development, the demo is understandably short. You start at a phone booth in the middle of nowhere in a black and white world. The environment is pretty desolate, and devoid of people. Across the street is a diner that appears empty, but open. Around the side of the diner is a well which launches the start of this puzzle. The game consists of finding an object and using it to open, start or disengage something that results in colouring the environment in a monochromatic palette. The demo to the game is not challenging, and gives just enough of a taste of the story to know there is something there that you want to know the ending to.

It’s too early to tell with this demo if the completed game will be successful; however, what I played looks like something I look forward to playing once released.

Discolored (demo)
Jason Godbey