Death Pages Ghost Library

[Review] Death Pages: Ghost Library (PC) – One Title to Check Out

Just when you get tired of these hidden object games with their repetitive plots about missing people and death, one squeaks by and surprises you with something a li’l bit different. Death Pages: Ghost Library is one such game. I know, I know; the title has “death” and “ghosts” in it – same as it ever was. But hold up a second…this game has a few interesting twists.

Three students go to the local library to do some research, but their souls get held captive in well-known novels by some evil literary madman, resembling a weird version of Mr. Garrison from South Park (complete with wacky hand puppet!). The students’ bodies are placed in hyperbaric chambers while we try to save their souls. The stories the game focuses on are a bit disjointed; it moves from Romeo and Juliet, to Hamlet…to the Picture of Dorian Gray. It is convoluted; I mean, Dorian Gray and Hamlet? Why not stick to Shakespeare…have the Taming of the Shrew or something?

Please, Mr. Garrison, don’t hurt me!

This game looks stunning, and for once, it fit my TV screen without me having to adjust the settings! The gameplay is point and click, but relies on you passing through portals to get from one scene to another. There is a fair bit of back-tracking, but the destinations are very easy to recall. A map is also included with the game that helps you navigate along the way. Its hidden object puzzles are atypical, as you are given items to put back into the scene, instead of having to find items. I liked this twist for a nice change. The other mini-games are ones we have seen before, but the story and hidden object puzzles more than make up for the mini-games’ shortcomings.

Death Pages: Ghost Library is a casual game you should definitely check out if you are interested in a different spin on the same old hidden object game. I certainly was impressed!

Death Pages: Ghost Library
Publisher: Big Fish Games
Released: January 2013