[Review] Widnows01 (PC)

‘s goal is simple: try to print your document in a quasi Windows 95 / 98 / 2000 interface. The start-up tune is familiar (ding…ding…ding…), the blue screen of death, also familiar. And who can forget Clippy who is harassing you with ridiculous questions while you try to get your computer to print for you. Meanwhile, your monitor flickers something fierce.

I completed the game in 1 minute flat, and although it was stupidly simple, I still felt weirdly proud of myself.

Who needs a game like this? Well, in our modern PC environment that is pretty plug-and-play, I am certain the youth of today might find this game a challenge. The average students I see where I work haven’t been taught how a computer works, just what it does. If the printer does not easily connect to the computer through WiFi, they won’t bother with it (they call me instead)… Not like some of us who back in the dark ages had to go into the guts of the computer to get it to talk to the ol’ HP dot matrix via parallel port (remember those?).

Anyway, Widnows01 was found on Itch io, an indie game site where fledgling developers put their games for people to try free, or for a small fee. It was a fun nostalgic minute for what it’s worth.


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