Canadian music

Dusting Off the iPod Nano

19908 songs. 57.9 days to play through ’em all.


That’s how many MP3s I have – at least that’s what my iTunes* library is telling me.

The hubs is loading music onto my ancient iPod nano (iOS -0.5 gen, probably…). I called her BEANS back in the day. Apparently she’s still good enough to use connected to the Xbox 360 to play music in the background while playing racing games.

He pointed out that I have Gowan’s greatest hits in the iTunes library, and whilst listening to Cee Lo Green belting, “Does that make me craaay-zaaaaa?”  he emphatically gestured to me and said lovingly, “Yes, yes you are.”

The next song up is Iron Maiden’s Rainmaker.

Gowan^. Cee Lo and Iron Maiden. Duran Duran, Billy Joel, Led Zeppelin, the Beatles. Megadeth. And Gowan.

What? I have eclectic taste in music.

Does that make me crazy? Possibly. But, I’ll never change.

*I hate iTunes, but seems to be a necessary evil when I use an iTouch in the car (and can’t use my Android cell for musak and comply with the handsfree device laws on Ontario roads – another lovely story for another time…)

^That’s THE Lawrence Gowan, who had such Canadian radio hits as “Awake the Giant,” “A Criminal Mind”, “Cosmetics” and of course, “You’re a Strange Animal.” He’s an acquired taste.