Alexander the Great

[Review] Alexander the Great: The Secrets of Power (PC)

Recently, I decided to go through my boxed games and thin out the collection. Now that I am on Windows 10, some of these very old school games just don’t cut it. Some of the CDs had such trouble that my PC wouldn’t even show what was on some of them! But, as I was going through them, I remembered my friend Amanda had given me a CD that contained a 6-pack of hidden object games with one game in particular that was really good – Alexander the Great: The Secrets of Power. Time to figure out how to get it to play! And, after some effort, I managed to install the game, and we were on our way!

A parcel has arrived to your flat that contains a letter and a ring from the Rarity Foundation, an Archeological Society that believes you are a descendant of Alexander the Great. The ring holds special time-travel powers unleashed only for a descendant who wears it. The Society has several other artifacts, and would like you to participate in their study. You are provided with a plane ticket to Greece where you are to meet Oscar, a rep from the Society who would guide you to various museums and archeological sites via a cell phone. Blindly, you comply, and the minute you land in Greece you have a target on your back as these artifacts are sought after by thieves and other distant heirs. It’s quite an implausible ride that sees you visit at least 5 different places on the planet such as India, and Ireland.

Alexander the Great: the Secrets of Power is an excellent and fulsome hidden object game. For a game from 2012, the graphics are vivid and defined, and it has a great soundtrack. Although the storyline is out there, the game itself mechanically speaking was very enjoyable, providing a nice variety of hidden object scenes and puzzles that keep you interested. Some might guffaw at the animations, as characters just move their lips open and closed (probably so that the game could be adaptively dubbed into other languages), but, I didn’t find it that bad. I was most pleased that the game was all in proper English, with English-speaking actors (hey, a Christmas miracle!).

Interesting to note, the developers continue to add some Canadiana into the hidden object scenes! This time, how about indicating the old Canadian 50-dollar bill?

I had a lot of fun with Alexander the Great: the Secrets of Power. It was one of those games I looked forward to playing at the end of a long day, and was just as good as I remembered it. Dare I say, it is entered into my pantheon of best hidden object games ever! I am surprised it hasn’t made its way to Steam yet (and it really should)! But, it’s on Big Fish Games, if you’re so inclined to check it out. You won’t be disappointed!


Alexander the Great: The Secrets of Power