Sunday Gaming Low-Down

Sunday Not So Much Gaming but Traumatic Weekend Low-down

My car getting pulled out of the ditch

One word about winter…I’m done. Officially. I wasn’t expecting us to still be dealing with below double digit temps March 1, let alone snow.

I was also definitely not expecting to hit an ice patch on a two-lane highway in Kawartha Lakes, ON yesterday that had me slide my car into oncoming traffic, then careen sharply right over a large snowbank and roll downhill, narrowly missing a hydro pole and stopping shy of a row of trees.

A witness from across the road came running out to make sure we were okay.

I don’t know how, but no one was hurt in the making of this documentary.

And if you can call it lucky, there was another car that hit the same patch of ice and had slid into a snow bank a few meters shy of our incident only a few minutes earlier. This gentleman had called a tow truck. The tow truck had been tailing us from Port Perry to where the accident happened and had come to pull him out of the ditch. With good fortune, this tow truck was CAA certified (which I am a member of) so my towing fees were waived! An OPP officer also showed up just as I went into the ditch to help with the other gentleman’s tow.

My car is driveable, but there is damage to the front bumper’s undercarriage which will be looked after tomorrow. The car will also probably have to have an alignment and get checked out to make sure she is fit for my commutes to work.

We were on our way to visit family in Deep River, ON which is about a 5 hour drive from where we live. Obviously, we decided to postpone the trip for another time and turn around and go home. I am a bit traumatized by the event. It pops up in my brain every once in a while and catches me. I was the one driving and this is the first car accident I have ever had with me behind the wheel. I know in time I will feel better about it and move past it. Any day now.

This was not what we were hoping for on a Saturday. But, if there is a good way to run your car in the ditch, it helps to have all the services you need to assist you be right there waiting for you.