[Music] Led Zeppelin Studio Albums – Ranked!

JINX! This is ~the Final~ collaboration post in this series! Sarca from Caught Me Gaming and Kevin from Buried On Mars have taken on Led Zeppelin! We have been reviewing a Led Zeppelin album on our respective blogs for weeks now! But….we’re not quite done yet! So don’t forget to check out Kevin’s blog too!

Inspiration comes when you least expect it. What inspired this whole Led Zeppelin series was when an impromptu Led Zeppelin listening session this summer prompted Kevin to asked me how I’d rank the Led Zeppelin studio albums from worst to best. After I rambled them off to him, he just did a “hmmm.” He then proposed this series to see if, after listening to all of them, I’d change my opinion.

Well, folks, here listed are, in my opinion (however humble), the worst to best Led Zeppelin studio albums. Here we go:

9. Presence

– My thoughts: This is my least favourite Led Zeppelin album. Aside from having terrible album art, Presence’s tracks are decently ok…they just aren’t Led Zeppelin GREATS, or even that memorable. It’s definitely not an album I’d pull off the shelf and listen to on repeat.

– Favourite song: Achilles Last Stand

– My Score: 3/5

8. In Through the Out Door

– My Thoughts: In Through the Door is one album where Led Zeppelin experimented with more styles in the rock realm, and took some risks. The majority of the songs are good, but In Through the Out Door  has I’m Gonna Crawl – my least favourite Led Zeppelin song.

– Favourite song: Carouselambra

– My Score: 3.5/5

7. Led Zeppelin

– My thoughts: A debut album that shows potential of what Led Zeppelin are capable of, but suffers a little from being a tad overworked with the overdubs and effects.

– Favourite song: Dazed and Confused

– My score: 3/5

6. Coda

– My thoughts: The previously unreleased songs chosen to be included in Coda were wise choices in my opinion. They all kick ass in their own right, and fit well together as a song list; really, not a bad one in the bunch. I love how the tunes showcase each band member’s talents well.

– Favourite song: I Can’t Quit You Baby

– My score: 3/5

5. Physical Graffiti

– My Thoughts: For the most part, every song on Physical Graffiti is solid, but this being a double album, there are a few songs that I feel could have been scrapped…a few bumps compared to the other Led Zeppelin albums I’ve reviewed, but I still like it a lot.

– Favourite song: The Wonton Song

– My score: 4/5

4. Led Zeppelin II

– My Thoughts: Led Zeppelin really redeemed themselves with their second album. I found it so good, that if there was ever an album to introduce someone to Led Zeppelin’s music, just say, “here” and hand them a copy of Led Zeppelin II. Top to bottom, this album showcases the hard rock blues that Led Zeppelin is known for.

– Favourite song: Bring It On Home

– My score: 4/5

3. Houses of the Holy

– My thoughts: To quote my review: “Houses certainly delivers more rock and less folk or blues than their previous efforts. there is a brightness or clarity to the songs too – no bleak messaging about the environment, no going to Mordor. The arrangement within the songs seem to have a sophistication not previously seen. The songs’ pacing is just right.”

– Favourite song: Over the Hills and Far Away

– My score: 5/5

2. Led Zeppelin IV

– My thoughts: Led Zeppelin IV has carried me through the thread of my life…A balanced album, musically and lyrically. I love it forever!

– Favourite Song: When the Levee Breaks

– My score: 5/5

1. Led Zeppelin III

– My thoughts: An eclectic mix of blues, hard rock and folk. A damn near perfect Led Zeppelin album…and crowned my favourite.

– Favourite song: That’s the Way

– My score: 5/5

There you have it – my ranking. And to answer the question, no, my opinion didn’t change upon relistening, except Physical Graffiti moved further up the ranks. Let me know what yours are in the comments! Thanks for following this series!

Now go read Kevin’s blog!


  1. I think it’s safe to say that all Led Zeppelin albums have at least two good tracks on them, even the weaker albums. Great writeup! I’ll keep that in mind when I listen to Led Zeppelin’s albums again (still need to dive into a few more, but I might go back to the ones I briefly listened to as well).

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