[Music] My Whole Lotta Love For Led Zeppelin

“How did you get into Led Zeppelin?”

I was recently asked this question by my hubs, Kevin (Buried On Mars), whilst listening to some Led Zeppelin a couple of weeks ago.


My history with Led Zeppelin arrived thanks to a passive gambling spirit, and a bit of classic rock radio. Led Zeppelin have been there, time stamped into my life from September 1990 to now.

My close friend, Jenny B, and I used to scour the record stores in downtown Sudbury, Ontario practically every weekend. We were blessed with three – Records on Wheels, Off the Record, and A & A Records. My first discovery of Led Zeppelin had to have been flipping through the cassettes at one of these places. Being a massive New Order fan, I’d have to flip past “L” to get to “N”. The one album that had always caught my eye up to this point was the fourth Led Zeppelin album. I was intrigued by that imagery of urban decay and random picture left hanging on a wall. “Led Zeppelin” – hm. I knew nothing about them, and couldn’t take a chance on them as cassettes were expensive (this one was $18.99!). But, my aunt wanted to buy me a gift for getting my driver’s license, so I asked for Led Zeppelin. Talk about gambling on something – I had heard Stairway to Heaven many a time, and really liked When the Levee Breaks, but didn’t know any others. The album turned out a winner! How I made the segue from synth to Zep…I cannot say, but something spoke to me in the fourth Led Zeppelin album. It was an interesting mix of raw acoustic folk with deep blues guitar and drums. I couldn’t pin them down, and didn’t want to.

During this time frame the famous orange Led Zeppelin box set was released in stores, and I thought it was the coolest looking cover I had ever seen! I HAD TO HAVE IT. What better way to immerse yourself in the catalog of a band you are getting to know than by listening to a box set? Christmas was coming, and I was willing to forego all gifts for this precious. But, it was around $80! I didn’t bother asking for it from my mom. No, I pivoted instead to ask the one person who was still young enough to remember classic rock from the 70s: I asked George, my now step-father. He hemmed a little on the price, but the big softie relented and yes, I got my box set!

Observe the Majesty! Mine is still in good shape after all these years!

This set was instrumental for me, and it basically lived in my book bag going forward another two years until I moved out to attend university. I was so excited to get it, and even memorialized the event in my diary:

From the mind of a 16 year old girl…February 2, 1991: “For Christmas I got the Led Zeppelin box set. It’s pretty cool. Jimmy Page was a babe back in the 70s. Man, you should see him now. He has aged! Greys and wrinkles!”

One thing is for sure, no one appreciated my new listening taste, and – hoo boy – I was getting it from all sides. My mom couldn’t stand “the noise”; my aunt, who bought me Led Zep IV, and with whom I’d go out for dinner every week didn’t want me playing it in her car. Finally, none of my girlfriends cared much for Led Zeppelin, so I’d hang with my guy friends who appreciated the band the most. I was pegged the girl who liked dude music. So it goes.

Thanks to the box set, my appetite for Zep just grew and grew. My discography grew to include the third, and fifth albums. There was no Wikipedia, so I had to “read it from a book;” I amassed a library of Led Zeppelin books. My bedroom walls were adorned an eclectic mix of Depeche Mode, New Order and Led Zeppelin. I had Led Zeppelin pins, a t-shirt of Houses of the Holy (which no one wanted me to wear because bums), Zeppelin post cards…I was hyperfocused on Led Zeppelin, and I couldn’t get enough.

This is me in my room in 1991, holding the best neighbour’s cat ever, Oliver (RIP).
Excuse the obvious Diet Coke addiction (at right- also RIP). I also had a love for Jose Cuervo Especial ads. 

On my 17th birthday, my sister and a good friend took it upon themselves to bake me a Zeppelin cake (chocolate with white frosting), and it was a really good time. My sis also bought me Led Zeppelin Complete, a book of piano scores; I was taking piano lessons and wanted to learn to play the Rain Song on piano. Yes, I was fanatical – big time.

Duncan Hines…my favourite!
Take note my New Order Technique t-shirt (went missing at the end of summer 1991)

…Or should I say, I am still fanatical about Led Zeppelin. As much as my musical tastes have evolved to include other greats, Led Zeppelin is still one of those bands I consider a staple in my music collection.

So where do we go from here? Well, Kevin has presented a joint challenge – let’s listen and review each Led Zeppelin album. It’s been a while since I’ve taken keyboard to blog to write about music (years, in fact), but this band has always been a subject I wanted to write about since they were so instrumental to my formative years in music. The challenge is weekly, so we’ll be seeing you next week. First up, Led Zeppelin’s first album.

Thanks for reading!


  1. That box set was everywhere back then. Never got it myself (legitimately). You went for young Page over young Plant?? Must have been those dragon jump suits

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  2. Awesome post (with nostalgia pics!). Good on you for remembering how you got into Led Zeppelin! Me… I dunno, weren’t they always just there?… Really looking forward to your 2-fer takes on the records!

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  3. Great story Sarca! Awesome to see some Rock N Roll around here!

    This box set had a ton of hype back in 90 as box sets would come out periodically back then. Some that come to my mind were the Clapton, Rod Stewart and The Stones. Now box sets are a monthly thing it seems.
    I bought this upon arrival as at that point I had no Zep on CD. So it was a great starter kit so to speak. Course when this was about to be released in 90 me and Tbone had a decision to make as Robert Plant and ZZ top were both playing Winnipeg within a few weeks of each other.
    Plant was plugging Manic Nirvana and ZZ with Recycler.
    We had to pick on as Tbone was in 3rd year University and I was working full-time.
    We hem and hawed for a a few days and decided to go with ZZ Top for two reasons.

    1- ZZ was playing on the Thanksgiving long weekend. I had weekends off and Tbone with no school.

    2- With all the discussion about the Zep box set coming out we figured the reunion tour of stadiums was coming in 1991! There was so much press and with all the money floating around that was made on the Stones Steel Wheels tour we figured it was a done deal for a Zep tour.

    Did not quite turn out that way… lol

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    1. I remember bugging Mike about which of these boxes to buy, this LZ set or the 10CD set. It ended up this one, for Moby Dick and another track, I think. Anyway, I also got the Box Set 2, the companion to this one, to finish things off. And I also kept copies of the original albums on CD, as one does. I wanted the original play order too!

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  4. Lovely to read your Zepp memoir, Sarah. Very entertaining. You really were/are a Zepp-head.
    Do you know the 33 ⅓ Music book series? The one on ZOSO is very entertaining (if daftly fixated on the fatuous occult/christian divide).
    A lil’ bonus. Have you ever held the inner gatefold of IV up to a mirror? What did you see?
    – Bruce


  5. Great memoir story, Sarah. You really are/were a Zepp-head! Do you know the 33 ⅓ music book/monograph series? The one on ZOSO is very entertaining (if overly fixated on the fatuous Jimmy Page occult/Christian divide). Like you I love the series of receding images of ‘progress’ on the cover. The derelict working-person’s cottage, the mean tenement houses, the ugly block of flats. BTW, I’d never held the inner gatefold up to a mirror before. What can you see?
    Cheers, Bruce.


    1. Haha, that was for your benefit, Geoff! I had another too that was black and had ‘New Order Concert” on it, but I think my mom packed it up for the charity centre while I was moved out.

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    1. Sort of…not fully though. I was entering the 12th grade that Sept and started my first job. I had to quit piano mid way through the school year because I got so busy. And I had transitioned to a new piano teacher too, and we didn’t get along very well. But, sort of learned to play it.

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  6. What a great take. I love those personal stories. I’m getting a little emotional (or maybe I just pulled out a nose hair). Seriously Sarca what a great story and to be rewarded with all that music. You have taste Gal or your ears do.

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  7. It annoys me how rock ‘n’ roll was considered “dude music,” like girls can like rock music too. Bands like Led Zeppelin and Def Leppard, they’re not directed towards only one gender, they’re directed towards everyone. Good for you for sticking to your music tastes and never changing who you are for other people!

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