[Review] Left in the Dark: No One On Board (PC)

You have been recruited by the mayor of Port Providence, a coastal town that has experienced a mysterious disappearance: a cargo ship went missing out at sea, but was found adrift a week later, intact, with its crew and cargo missing. What happened to the crew? The cargo? You, Madame Detective (yes, Madame), must solve the case that takes you through the town to the now anchored cargo ship, then to a deserted island where a lighthouse sits abandoned. As you explore, you are followed by the ghost of a young girl, Isabella, who warns of a cloaked “monster” who is responsible for the disappearance of the ship and its crew. She knows…the same happened to her and her family who are now all dead…and Mme. Detective could be next if she scratches too far down into the mystery…

Working on my backlog of games, Left in the Dark: No One on Board had been sitting in my Steam library since June 2017, and it was high time I got to it. And WOW! It’s an excellent game from top to bottom. Beautiful graphics, clear and visually appealing hidden object scenes,  an interesting array of challenging puzzles, and a fantastic map that allows you to jettison to particular areas within the game really get the thumbs up from me! The music composition was pretty too. And how about that story? A lot of the time the tales told in HOGs are a convoluted mess that makes no sense, but this one had me on the edge of my seat!

Clear hidden object scenes

About the only thing to gripe about with Left in the Dark… it has a dreaded voiceover!! All I got to say is developers have got to stop looking to Fiverr to solve their voice work needs!

Great map!

Overall, HOG fans would not waste their money on Left in the Dark: No One on Board; a good-looking game with a variety of puzzles, and an interesting story to keep you in the game. What more could you ask for? Highly recommended!


Left in the Dark: No One on Board
Moonrise Interactive / Artifex Mundi

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