[Review] Terraria: Surviving this COVID-19 Pandemic Underground (PC)

Hello! I pretty much mothballed this blog since the world was forced to stay home two months ago. Not much happening – I’m working from home, baking banana bread, watching movies and gaming. What do you play when in a pandemic? Surprisingly, my answer has been Terraria.

Terraria is an open world survival game where you create and carve your world while being pestered and attacked by blobs, eyeballs, bats, insects and zombies. You start above ground with simple tools and low health but are able to collect gems, ore, stone and wood as you dig and explore your surroundings. The crafting of better tools and objects comes by using items such as a work bench, anvil, and smelter, which you can either purchase or find as you explore caves and abandoned underground shelters deep in the earth. Characters like a merchant, mechanic, mage and nurse all come to stay around you to help you in your quests if you need them. Fighting bosses, completing goals or killing a large number of, say zombies, provides you rewards, such as better armor or a flag which you can display in your abode. And the more you dig and find things, the more your inventory fills up. Luckily, trunks are scattered all over the underworld and you can store items in them.

My Steam purchase history says I bought Terraria January 2, 2012; over 8 years ago! The first time I tried playing it was with the hubs in co-op and it was a cumbersome experience. My account said I had played over 40 minutes and I just remember being lost and anxious. Throw forward to March of this year, and the hubs, being part of the Quick Save Club, a podcast that focuses on PC gaming, encouraged me to try their Game of the Month, Terraria. Instantly, memories came flooding back. “No thanks,” I said., “I don’t remember liking it.” But, I relented and found myself installing the game and playing it.

Well, folks, it turns out, my cure for pandemic anxiety is to start digging underground, and I have not stopped. The Terraria underground universe is dark, vast and interesting, and is pretty much a hodge-podge of worlds found above ground: sandy desert, Amazonian greenery, Icy cold Arctic, and some scary lava-pit place that I try to avoid.There might be other places I haven’t even found yet!

The tunnels I’ve dug so far…

The other fun part I’ve discovered is the collecting of items and somehow fashioning a home as you go to house them all. The internet is full of examples of how people have unleashed their creativity in Terraria, and created some truly amazing homes. And apparently, Terraria is getting an update in Terraria: Journey’s End this very day that provides even more customization and new gameplay! Hoo boy! That said, I didn’t go too cray cray with my home…(click pics below for a closer look)

There is so much to Terraria, and I’ve been told I have only scratched the surface of the game by simply digging tunnels and not completing boss challenges. I have completed over 80 hours of gameplay…just by digging tunnels! There is something weirdly satisfying about digging in, creating paths, and finding secret caverns or even an old abandoned mining outpost. So relaxing and fun! I never thought I’d write that about an open-world sandbox game but here we are!

I don’t know how long this pandemic is going to last, but I am glad to have Terraria to keep me sane.

Stay healthy!



  1. Why are we all baking banana bread?
    Well, you don’t need yeast, there’s that, and there’s been no yeast in the grocery stores.
    I have a hard time convincing Sean not to compost my bananas as I allow them to over-ripen.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I have a recipe that is more ‘healthy heart’ for Kevin that uses yogurt and grapeseed oil instead of butter. Makes a great loaf. You should tell Sean that he will benefit in the form of delicious banana bread if he leaves the bananas alone! 🙂


  2. I’m more of a Navajo flat bread baking dude at the moment (again, no yeast needed).

    Sounds intriguing, my daughter and I have escaped into Sims 4 – a life you can control, imagine that!

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