[Review] Kronville: Stolen Dreams (PC)

I played Kronville: Stolen Dreams as part of a 6-in-1 hidden object bundle by developer Alawar I recently purchased on Steam during the 2019 Winter Sale.

Maisy is a school counsellor with a haunting past who is trying to discover what happened in the disappearance of a dozen students from the little town of Kronville. Maisy herself had a traumatic event in her childhood where one day she returned home from school to find her house in flames. Her dad was trapped inside. Maisy attempted to save him, but he unfortunately perished. This terrible event keeps playing over in her mind…is there a link between this and the disappearances? She takes to sleuthing around Kronville to discover the truth…

I have to say that I was very disappointed in Kronville: Stolen Dreams. For one thing, the game is a glitchy mess that cut out important contextual parts of the story. The first part of the game that I experienced had Maisy climb a ladder to save her father from the house fire, but then abruptly cut to her in an office with a child sitting there at a desk. It took me a bit to figure out what I was doing there and why. I eventually took to YouTube and watched a playthrough where Maisy was supposed to have a conversation with the local sheriff about the boy who was disrupting his class…ok, that’s important information to know! Kronville continued to glitch out cut scenes like this. I was thrown into rooms inexplicably and throughout my experience, I was constantly trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing there; I wasn’t sure if there were serious deficits in plot or what!

Overall the graphics and puzzles were decent in Kronville, which is really too bad because with the glitches, I quit the game mid-way through. Surely (hopefully?) if you were to buy this as a standalone game (available only from Big Fish Games – not Steam), you would likely have a different experience. I can’t imagine Alawar would release a game with so many issues, so let’s blame how it was packaged with the 6-in-1 bundle because in my opinion, Kronville: Stolen Dreams is otherwise unplayable.


Kronville: Stolen Dreams (PC)


  1. Did you ever see the documentary about the buried ET video games?
    It sounded interesting where the game was so unplayable that the unsold copies ended up being buried & only uncovered decades later.
    Perhaps if this wasn’t part of a 6 for 1 bundle, its un-playability might have led to a similar fate!

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