[Review] Last Day of June (PC)

Last Day of June was offered up for free on Epic Games and I grabbed it. It looked trippy, and it said “story driven”, so I installed it right away on when else – the last day of June 2019.

June and Carl are married and very much in love. They live in a small busy town by the ocean. One day after a picnic, tragedy strikes the couple as they are involved in a car accident, killing June. Carl is left in a wheelchair and now spends his days reliving the tragic events of his wife’s last day over and over in his mind. Then, a puzzle is presented in front of you: with the townsfolk’s activities the day of June death, your task is to change the sequence of events to reverse the tragedy. With each try, you witness what “could have” happened had X or Y occurred. Not to reveal too much, but the couple’s hopes and dreams get mixed in…and there is a baby involved. Yep, there are real feels here.

Although Last Day of June had a compelling story to back it, I have to say…the game itself was boring! You had four townsfolk’s days to play through and try to fix so June doesn’t die, which could be multiple depending if you chose the “right” correction. With each fix, a replay of the last day begins again – in full – without the benefit of a fast forward button. I got through the game, but it was a slog. If I have to see that clocktower one more time…

I had other issues with the game too…Graphically, Last Day of June was very colour-intensive, which I quite liked. However, aesthetically, the look of the characters did nothing for me. The developers modeled their appearance after traditional artist wood models: they had no eyes and a static expression on their faces. For a game where the story is so emotionally driven, the characters’ “wooden” expression was disturbing. There is also no talking anywhere in the game; the dialogue was delivered in groans and whines which did nothing for me.

Even though the story of Last Day of June was compelling, I think the game itself needed to be improved upon.


Last Day of June


  1. I kinda like the look of this – the look of the graphics appeal to me, though I’d be frustrated at having to sit through that last day over and over… not to mention the communication between folks. Mnah.

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