[Review] A Normal Lost Phone (PC)

Have you ever found a lost phone and tried to get into it to find out whose it is? Ever wondered in a snoopy way what secrets lie within? I haven’t, and am not normally, but I am the curious type who likes to solve a puzzle…

So the game, A Normal Lost Phone, was something that immediately piqued my interest; you find someone’s lost phone, and gain access to its owner’s world. Nothing is off limits – their texts, emails, music, photos, dating app and browser history are there for the telling. There is a tiny bit of puzzling in there, but nothing too strenuous. The game is short (1.5 hours max) and has some achievements to complete.

All I’ll tell you about the plot is the phone belongs to Sam, a teen who is verging on graduating from high school. The rest is up to you to figure out. Be prepared for some reading. The story itself is predictable, however interesting, and unfolds quickly.

A Normal Lost Phone is a decent game. It has interested me enough to purchase its sequel, Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story. It’s fairly cheap on Steam at the moment – pick it up for when you have an hour to kill.


A Normal Lost Phone
Accidental Queens


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