[Review] Bird Watcher (PC)

A young girl lives a lonely existence with her aunt. She spends most of her time in her room in solitude. She often looks out of the window and watches her neighbour across the way  spending his time on the roof of his highrise tending to pigeons. The girl notices it’s been several days since she last saw him and is concerned for his well-being. She decides to sneak out and see if he is ok. She navigates her way through apartment corridors, rooms and eventually rooftops to locate the “Bird Man.”

Bird Watcher is a very short walking sim I found on Steam. The overall graphics are decent, and the gameplay enjoyable, but the voice-over work is abysmal. I could barely understand the plot through the broken English. Even the captions are poorly written. This game has something going for it that I think is worthwhile – if only the developers paid a little money for a proper translation!

Do I recommend Bird Watcher? Sure…The walking around part is pretty good. Don’t pay any more than $1 for it.


Bird Watcher
First Game Studio

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