[For the Love of ‘Fee] Fresco Percolator: Still the Perfect Perc One Year Later

I thought I would take this opportunity to share an update on my “endless search for the perfect perc”. As anyone who has been following along with me knows, the house of Sim has seen its share of coffee cock-ups in relation to our percolators, in that we can’t seem to keep them working. Check out this blogpost, and this one, AND this one for more in-depth analysis.

To recap briefly: since 2011, we have had 6 electronic percolators tramp through our kitchen, including 2 Cuisinart, 2 Hamilton-Beach, one DeLonghi, and one Proctor-Silex. Most have failed within the first year of use. It was frustrating, to say the least.

It wasn’t until we searched for a stove-top perc, that the tides changed for us in the Fresco brand percolator, purchased off of Amazon. I am here to say ONE YEAR ON, the same Fresco from last year is still in use: still functional, still very easy to keep clean, and we are still very happy with it. Best purchase ever!

Last year, within two weeks of using the Fresco percolator, I switched out the plastic top it came with for a Fitz-All glass percolator topper I bought from Home Hardware for $6. A great purchase, and helpful hack. It’s still working well. I can only imagine what that plastic topper would look like today if I kept using it…

The Fitz-All glass topper shown here “fitz” perfectly

Cleaning the Fresco perc is an absolute breeze. It’s dishwasher safe, and if I need to clean out the coffee ground basket, running it through some boiling cleaning vinegar does the trick.

Still, it does take me 20 minutes to brew a pot o’Jo with the stovetop perc. But, whatever, I’ll sacrifice my time for a good cuppa. This Fresco perc is built to last and makes a smooth brew! We are very happy with it; no looking back!



  1. We’re in the market for a new coffee brewer as the french press has seen its day. Stove top is our preferred option, I think. 20 minutes seems reasonable for a good cup o’ joe.

    However, I just had a coffee made using a ‘Brew Stick’ that I received as a gift from work colleagues. Interesting wee thing… coffee was too weak earlier, so adjusted the brew time and amount of coffee in the basket and this second cup was getting there. A good contraption for the office, I reckon.

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    1. Interesting! Not a good option for me – no sink nearby for the grounds, but I’ve often wondered about something similar to that. Good to know it exists!

      As for a perc, Fresco perc is a Quebecois company…maybe it’s accessible in the UK?

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  2. I’ve become a big believer in the notion of ‘return on investment’ (whether it is time, energy, $, etc.) – if the 20 minute investment of time yields a deelish mug of ‘fee, time well invested!

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