Just When I Thought I Was Out, The Music Pulls Me Back In…

I have had a hankering to listen to some tunes from my collection of CDs for a long while now. I never realized it would be such a big deal, but when you store your collection in large Rubbermaid containers, it can become a pain. To pull out the ol’ bin from the dark corner of the basement seemed like a very daunting task. Overwhelming, in fact:

So much good music in this bin, but it weighs a ton…and…oh man, forget it. I’ll just listen to music on YouTube…

When my iPod went belly-up two years ago, at the time I said to myself I was going to do something with those CDs once and for all. Rip ’em onto the terabyte so I could reacquaint myself with them. Well, it hasn’t happened, folks. For years, we have been concentrating on gaming and house renos – putting the CDs away, favouring instead other avenues to get music – Sirius Satellite radio, online streaming services like Google, Groove Music and Accuradio – and plain ol’ .mp3s fulfilled the need. Whenever I’d think of reacquainting myself with the CDs, the thought of moving around furniture again to make room to display them seemed impossible.

It was one Sunday in August when the hubs and I were at the mall on the hunt for the game Spot It (highly recommend!) when he said he wanted to go into Sunrise Records. Understand, we don’t do the mall. The last time we stepped foot in a mall was back in March when coincidentally, HMV, the only record store for miles was closing its doors. Sunrise has since opened in its place, and this August was the first time we checked it out. I haven’t bought physical music in a long while (I purchased Man Machine Poem by the Tragically Hip last fall).

Honestly, I have been out of the CD-buying game for a LONG TIME! I have been gleefully watching from the sidelines as Mike, Bop, Aaron, Geoff, Deke, 1537, J., JHubner73 (see blogroll for a who’s who), and the rest of you great music bloggers search, buy and review music. I haven’t bought music on a regular basis in years, partly because of my own self-imposed austerity, partly because of gaming, partly because of the wave of digital media, and well, I seem to get overwhelmed with the amount of stuff that accumulates versus the lack of time and energy to enjoy it. I have written on this blog how music changes my mood; it inspires, it entertains! And I have been feeling like I need to connect with my music again! So when we set foot into Sunrise, I found myself perusing the racks. And you wouldn’t believe what I found:

What?! U2’s The Joshua Tree, remastered!?!

I was in awe. The hubs said, “Well, that’s it, I don’t care what you say, we’re buying it.” Boy, am I glad we did.

The reissue was crisp-sounding, and since I hadn’t heard the Joshua Tree album in a long while, it was fun getting reacquainted with all of those songs. It brought me back to 1987 when Where The Streets Have No Name was hitting the charts. The first half of the album is well known to radio, while it’s also the last half – Trip Through Your Wires, In God’s Country, One Tree Hill, Mothers of the Disappeared – that I love the most. Yes, this is good! Yes, it inspired me.

Following that trip, the hubs and I have since pulled out our three bins of CDs, alphabetized them, and catalogued them using Discogs. Now, I am looking at my current collection more critically.

Lotsa CD-Rs…

Not so amazingly, when we went through the collection, we discovered at least 1/3 of it is burned CDs created from downloading! Looking back, I can’t believe how much effort went into downloading, printing covers and burning the CDs – a whole large Rubbermaid container full! Granted, some of the music were bootlegs or hard-to-find collections, but certainly not all of it! I couldn’t help but feel a bit of guilt.

I have started to legitimize my collection by acquiring the actual physical media of my favourite albums. My preference in media is for the CD (more accessible to me – I can listen to it in the car!), while the hubs is getting the vinyl fever (natch!). Regardless, if there is a remaster available on an album of interest, I will certainly consider that purchase. The ones I have purchased lately have been worth it.

The Majesty!

This newfound interest in my music collection has led me to explore some albums that eluded me back in the day. While I can freely peruse the stacks at Sunrise, the thriftin’ bug also catches my attention. What with CDs as little as $0.50 to $2.99 at the junk shops and used media stores, I have managed to gain some headway on this front, quite cheaply. Many people are dumping out of their physical media, which works out great for me. I’ve been using my two-hour daily commute to my advantage too, by taking my music spoils for a spin in the car and have discovered some really awesome new-to-me albums…and I have also found some no-so-great albums…which I can cast aside, guilt free!

I hope to talk more about my love for the tunes here on the blog. For now, I am just really enjoying this experience.


  1. Lovely to see. A physical media collection is increasingly hard to maintain, and bins are really no way to honour a CD collection. Looks like you got some nice shelving there now! Beautiful!

    Storage is my problem. Our place is small. We are going to be here for the foreseeable future. I don’t have room and I don’t have any handy skills, at all. Period. I’m not even sure where my hammer is. This is a source of anxiety for me. We look like a couple hoarders now and my music collection is scattered all over in piles.


    1. You need a trip to Ikea, friend! There are a ton of storage solutions there. I totally understand your anxiety. We live in a house so we have some space, but it doesn’t mean I want piles everywhere either.

      Liked by 1 person

          1. On order? I’m intrigued!

            Oh by the way — lovely Zep remasters set. Worth having for the interview CD. I believe I have that interview CD as a separate promotional item, but that old longbox had such a neat cover.

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        1. Yup, IKEA is an easy solution. I have a majority of my CDs in these shelves (link below). Each unit holds 16 single CDs per shelf, 12 shelves each = 192 CDs. They’re simple to put together, and sturdy enough for regular use. The coating over the board allows the CDs to slide easily without getting wrecked. Recommended!

          I have a bunch of these, and really want more. In bulk they’re pricey, but I looked at buying boards, paint, screws and anchors, not to mention all the time it would take to build my own (at least my Dad has a table saw so that would make life easier), and it added up to about the same. I did build a shelf of my own (years ago) and I still use it. But the IKEA route is just so much easier. Slap it together, anchor it to the wall, carry on with your life! Lovely.


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  2. Hooray! Honour the CD collection! I remember a long while back you said your CDs were in Rubbermaid tubs and I felt a little lurch in my gut… As an inveterate (and unrepentant) collector of physical media, I say welcome back!! I’m happy to see the bug has re-bitten you and you’re making space for the tunes! As you know, I have a whole room for my stuff (Man Cave!), but you sure don’t need to go overboard like I do haha!

    People are indeed ditching CDs (not LPS, they’re hot right now), and that’s great for us. Even my most recent foray into the wilds of downtown Taranna yielded a pile of stuff (see my last post) and a lot of it was had for under $5 (many were $2.99). Albums at my work are even cheaper than that. I have a hard time paying current prices for remastered LPs, unless it’s really (really) one that I want, but as you guys are in the rediscovery phase, getting the copy you really want is worth it!


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  3. Great Post!
    Welcome back to Music City!(Thanks for the shout out!)
    I’m kinda doing with vinyl with what your doing with CD’s as in reaquiring certain titles!
    Kinda funny as Aaron says as Vinyl is hot so the vinyl purchases are indeed a little more pricey!
    Speaking of Sunrise! Lexie went there last night and came home with a sought after album I have wanted to require for about well…..
    37 Years!
    Of course I bought this album years ago when iTunes first launched ….
    Will spill the Beans later today …
    (Hows that for hype!)

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  4. Yayyyyyyy.
    Welcome back to the music collection game.

    I had a thought when I first saw that cd bin in your post. Perhaps when gaming, and playing a game where the sound is not needed, maybe use an album from your collection as the soundtrack to that game.
    I was thinking of this as a way to get ypu back into your collection. Apperently I did not need to since you did that all on your own.
    That’s some fine reading right there.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Do it. It’s a really good album. Pretty close to the s/t.
        By the way, I am actually shocked there are not copies of that s/t. It was huge when it came out.
        Maybe we all bought vinyl and cassette.
        Perhaps because early on cd’s were more expensive and cd players were huge money, so less cd’s were made in the early days.

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  5. Some words of advice if buying from Thrift Stores.
    Open up every one and check the cd condition.
    Check to see if proper cd is in the case.
    Many times is wrong album by the same band.
    Don’t let those goddamn stickers or tape deter you either. Open them up.
    The people at the front counter will probably scold you, but oh well.
    Also used and scratched cases can be replaced and make cd’s look like new.

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    1. Speaking for my own efforts in my thrift store, I do open every case to make sure the correct disc is in there. I used to check the disc for scratches too, but it took too much time. We reasoned that customers look anyway, and everyone has different comfort levels with quality. So yup, now I just make sure the right disc is in the case.


  6. I easily and happily did away with all CDs but I’ve got a tonne of DVDs that I don’t really visit in the garage. Not sure why I”m hanging on to them.
    I do buy music though: we have an extensive record collection.

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  7. Welcome back. Music has missed you! Haha. I am one of those ridding myself of my CD collection but am just replacing it all with vinyl. And yes, I agree, IKEA will cure all your music storage ailments. Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Amazing! It’s a great feeling reconnecting with music, eh? I went a long time listening solely to stuff I already knew despite having loads of CDs on the racks (and stuff I’d bought that I just didn’t even unwrap or open!), but when I reconnected it was a sweet moment. Looking forward to reading some thoughts on what you’re listening to!

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