[Review] Glass Masquerade (2016) (PC)

If you’ve been reading Caught Me Gaming for any length of time, you should know by now you can count on me to find games that are a little obscure or off the beaten path.

I had never heard of Glass Masquerade before my “recommended games” queue in Steam pointed me to it, and let me tell you, it is one of the most unique and precious virtual jigsaw puzzle games for the PC I have ever come across. My past experience with this type of casual game has been a succession of cheap-looking, pixelized and badly rendered games (none of which have been worth reviewing as of late…). So, coming across this beaut was worth writing home about.

Glass Masquerade sees you traveling the world – 25 countries, in total – solving a jigsaw puzzle of a clock face designed to represent each country. The clocks are each unique, their puzzle pieces like shards of glass, atypical of your standard jigsaw piece. The goal, of course, is to fit all the shards into the clock face, and they all fit a certain way. These clocks, once completed are absolutely gorgeous: Think an art deco stylization in stained glass is the best way I could describe it.

This game is relaxing and meditative, and what helps achieve such an atmosphere is the moving soundtrack composed and performed by Nikita Sevalnev (Sand Countries is my personal favourite).

Glass Masquerade is fun, relaxing and completely re-playable. It’s indeed a hidden gem, and I highly recommend it!


Glass Masquerade
Onyx Lute


  1. Interesting, I hadn’t thought of gaming as a place to find calm & relaxation, so nice to read that such games (when properly executed like this one) exist.
    I’m glad, in addition to writing home about it, you wrote here about it too!

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      1. I did enjoy all those game mentions, though. A bit boggling there were so many about that one ship… I mean, are there any Lusitania games? Black Swan? USS Arizona (that one would be chilling)? World Discoverer? There’s (potentially) a whole market out there, untapped!

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  2. I really buy into your idea of finding relaxation in games. I have tried my best to review some titles over on my page at appjunkieblog.wordpress.com which I have found help me unwind after a long day! I will certainly be checking Glass Masquerade out as it looks awesome. Keep up the good work! AJ

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