[Film] Wonder Woman (2017) #100WordChallenge

Me: “Please don’t suck…please don’t suck!”

Wonder Woman didn’t.

Me: “Please, don’t hypersexualize the women by putting them in skimpy outfits!”

Wonder Woman didn’t.

Sad that as a woman, I think this way, and went in half expecting it. But, I can’t help myself. It’s the world we live in.

Wonder Woman repped women awesomely, showing them strong, kicking ass in battle, and fighting the enemy. I think there will be a ton of WW costumes come Hallowe’en 2017…

Wonder Woman was such a f*cking great film, every girl, boy, woman, man, trans, non-binary individual should see this. Go.

The end.


  1. I most definitely did not have a conversation with myself before this review, no “please don’t let this review suck” – and it most definitely did not in any event!
    Nice #100words Sarca, once school’s done I think W & I will go check it out!

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          1. HAHAHAHAHAH.

            Sadly it’s more of the same. Humans leading the way. robots looking like piles of moving garbage…nothing to do with the classic characters that I grew up with in Marvel comics. Bumblebee was NOT MUTE! LOL

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            1. I just remember seeing like 15 mins of the Shia treatment, and it was all affected and jokey. Definitely not what I vaguely remember Transformers was. This new one looks like it takes a SERIOUS turn. Sir Tony had a great time making it, from what I got from the interview I saw. Then again – ACTING!


  2. Wonderful! (Seems an appropriate superlative) This is on my list of movies to try catch in the cinema. Not sure it’ll happen, though… but, y’know, there’s always that DVD thing.

    When they announced this I actually thought it would be dreadful. Thought it’d be pretty much scantly clad woman and slo-mo shots of her flexing and throwing things. So it’s very pleasing that’s not the case.

    I’m such a cynical chap sometimes.

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    1. I am a woman who is big time cynical. I very much thought it would be bewbs and twirling “cirque de soleil” moneyshots at every turn. It wasn’t. The women were strong, fit, and each had an appropriate uniform. I was very impressed.

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