[Review] Overcooked (PC)

As of this posting, I have been on a well-deserved week-long stay-cation. From day zero, the hubs and I have been obsessed with playing Overcooked on the recommendation of Chris, Myles and Kathryn from @FlockofNerds. We’ve been “cooking up a storm” ever since!

Overcooked is a cooking strategy game where you play as a short order cook trying to fill orders as quickly as possible. You are given a food order with a set of required ingredients. For example, pizza requires dough, tomato, cheese and maybe sausage or mushrooms depending on the order. Each ingredient needs to be chopped. All the while you are washing dirty dishes and watching the oven to ensure your prepared food doesn’t burn. If your kitchen has a mouse problem, you have to contend with your produce going missing.

As you level up in Overcooked, the venue and layouts of the kitchen can change and impact how your character moves through the arena. In one level, your kitchen is divvied up among the back of three flatbed trucks, one of which moves around, and happens to be the only one with the essential ingredients to make your food. The complexity of the food you are making also changes (beef burritos and rice anyone?). You have to watch what is going on the entire time to ensure orders are prepared right and on time. Points are given when orders go through correctly, and lost if you screw them up. At the end of the timed challenges, you are given up to three stars depending on your score. The hubs and I played Overcooked together in co-op and it really got competitive for us: It was “three stars or bust”! The end boss is a real trip – I don’t want to ruin it for you, but let’s just say that it’s one-a spicy meat-a ball!

Overcooked is a very polished game, with cute characters, a neat little navigation map and catchy music. The developers, Ghost Town Games, paid serious attention to the details. Likewise, those that play Overcooked must pay attention. This game reminds us of some practical life lessons in game play, namely, keeping the communication pipeline open with your partner. As in life, it is important to let the other know what you are doing and where you are going. Screwing up is common in Overcooked, so be prepared for failure. And if you have any neuroses about that, you need to remember to take it easy on yourself and your partner, because the game is worth playing together to the end.

We played Overcooked on PC via Steam, but it’s also available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Go on, buy it! And make sure you play with a partner!

Overcooked (PC)
Ghost Town Games
August 2016


  1. This sounds pretty good fun… I’ve hooked up the Xbox and actually found myself looking at games for the first time in a while. This actually sounds like something I could just have fun with.

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      1. Which makes it all the more fun! (we only really have Trivial Pursuit that we play together, as the others are Gears of War, GTA and Red Dead Redemption).

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  2. Always nice to have a stay-cation! Absolutely nothing wrong with that! But yeah the day before going back is depressing even just having the weekend off….you wake up Saturday and say “Sheeit…tomorrow is Sunday!”

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  3. We each tried this single player. Since you guys posted about beating the game, we’re thinking about doing the same. Not sure how the communicating part will go though-ha ha. Hope you had a relaxing staycation.

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  4. Man I like stay-cations. Remember when Brent took stay-cation on Corner Gas?

    This game, though. I dunno. I don’t know that I would play it. It sounds stressful. Like, actual short-order cooks would NEVER play this game.

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  5. I’m surprised there is an end boss in this game after reading your description of the gameplay. It sounds interesting and since it’s on PS4 I will check it out!

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