I Guess Music Can’t Keep Everything Alive…

I have been having some technology woes thrust upon me this week. First, my DVR kept corrupting my recorded shows and spontaneously turning off and on. Then, my 3.5 year-old Asus eeePad Transformer Android tablet is getting old and cranky to such a degree I am considering a replacement. The most tragic event though, and one that will now create a lot more work for me happened three days ago with my 6-year-old iPod Touch.

My iPod Touch is my main music player on foot, in the car and at work. It contains 7.5 days worth of songs. It is not unheard of to walk by my office and hear some Steely Dan or Zeppelin playing faintly as I quietly do my work. The other day was no exception. I plugged in my iPod Touch to my workstation and fired up iTunes. Everything went as planned – all my music from my iPod loaded in iTunes. I randomly chose a song to start the shuffle – AC/DC’s Let’s Get It Up. I sang to the song under my breath while doing some data file management. The song ended, and I expected the next song to fire up…but nothing happened!

I looked up to find that iTunes was trying to play any song on my iPod, but couldn’t find anything to play. It replaced every song with a tiny exclamation point in front! What is this madness?? I randomly picked a song from further down the list. An exclamation point appeared in front of that song! Eventually, iTunes was showing every song from my iPod as having an exclamation point!


I checked with the iPod. It indicated there was no music on it! This was confusing to me as iTunes showed there was music on the device. Eventually, by restarting the iPod and reinstalling iTunes, songs reappeared on my iPod, but they were all ghosted. I couldn’t play any of them – only erase them.


Apple forums indicated what happened was the music files somehow became corrupted. But, no explanation as to why that happened, other than “these things just happen! Time for a factory reset of your iPod…We’re sorry!”



So, I did just that – a factory reset of my 6-year-old iPod Touch. It’s functional now, almost like new, actually.

No apps on there, no music. A clean slate. 7.5 days worth of music (19 Gb), gone. With tragedy, however, there comes a new beginning. One way to force me to assess my current music collection and perhaps add some fresh music to my stale listening roster is by clearing out the music – by will or by force – and starting over.

I tried loading music on the iPod, but quickly realized I didn’t have any music that I could quickly load onto it to make sure it’s working. A little fact: I have never bought any music from the iTunes store, which meant, I’d have to load music by computer… Except, there was that album I got for free in the iTunes store last year…you know…that album everyone complained about

So, I listened to U2’s Songs of Innocence on the ride into work yesterday. All things considered, everything worked, and I got to listen to some of the songs from this album I liked.

Time to load more music onto this iPod. I am not even sure I still have all the music I had originally on there in digital format any more…if not, it’s to the bins of CDs…

bin of cds

That’s BINSSSS…I guess I better get rippin’.

Music keeps me alive, but what happens when the device I use to keep me alive breaks? 7.5 days worth of music. That is a lot of music. Maybe AC/DC corrupted my iPod (here’s hoping \m/)?



  1. Oh no! I am so sorry for your hassles! Nothing worse than technological issues standing in the way of your music enjoyment! Of course, I say that music keeps US alive, but the warranty does not include the method with which you get said music into yer ears! 🙂

    Also, seeing all of your CDs in a bin like that made me twitch. Made me wanna drive to your town and build you a shelf. Because access to music! Haha that could just be me.

    I have ripped all of my CDs. Every single damn one (at 128k to save space). They all reside on my hard drive, so I can have all my musics ready to go and for playback in the house (my iMac is central to the main rooms). If my iPod (the 120GB classic!) ever took a dump, I’d just replace it with something and reload from the iMac.

    One thing that has happened: My hard drive is filling up. Pics of the kids, all my music, there’s only so much 500GB can hold! So I’m contemplating saving up for an external drive, dumping the music onto that and pointing iTunes to it. That’d buy me lots of HD space, and it could work as a backup for you, too, so you won’t need to re-rip in future. Just an idea!

    Have fun ripping all your discs. It’ll mean you get to look at all your discs again! I love that process. It reintroduces me to all the goodness…

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    1. I have a 1 Tb external HD with a lot of stuff on it, so that’s a start. But, there is plenty more that has not been added to it. And it keeps moving around between K and I. I had to ask for it this morning because he uses it for other stuff too. I get frightened that the Tb will get corrupted itself (has happened already!) Then I’ll need a backup of a backup! 😉

      As for visibility, we have run out of room for CDs, but K has said he’s missing seeing his music, so we might have to still make room for that collection too. They are in three large rubbermaid containers – accessible at least. I don’t think of them unless there is a band I haven’t listened to in a long time, open up the bin and spend an afternoon looking thru all the CDs. Sorry to make you twitch! 😉


      1. Yeah I guess you can’t totally rely on any storage medium. HDs fail. What if you ripped them all and then burnt them to DVD-Rs, kept them in cases dust-free? You can get about 15 albums per disc, and if you only stored them for back up, never used them otherwise, that could work.

        Haha don’t worry about the twitch. It’s just my own reflex. I always like to have all of my music visible and accessible at any time. I have a bunch of these (they rock):


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        1. And about the DVD-Rs, could totally do that, but I have the original source material that could just rip too. Six of one? And then I’d need to find room for that too. At least I have options! 🙂


    2. Those 128 gig classics are beasts too! Really, this is the first snafu I have ever had with my iTouch since I first got it, which says a great deal for Apple.


      1. Oh yes. My 120gb iPod is one of my ‘other women,’ the ones I love that my lovely wife just has to live with! Hahaha. Like my guitars. It’s a good thing she’s so understanding hahaha

        Thought of you this morning, too: Just ground up some Morning Buzz coffee beans from Moon Bean this morning. Ah blisssss…

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  2. I didn’t know whether to like this post or not! That’s a real bummer! I’ve got all my music ripped but I am kind of concerned that it isn’t all backed up properly. Reading this reminded me, we really need to go out and buy a new external hard drive. On the bright side, it will force you to diversify your music a bit on your iPod.

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    1. Reading your comment reminded me that I need to pick up another external hard drive…

      I’m not done ripping, I’m taking it slow. As I rip, I’m looking stuff up such as singles and bonus tracks and figuring out what I’m missing. That leads to orders on Discogs and then more music to rip 😉

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  3. Gah! I know that feeling only too well. Still, rediscovering stuff is the silver lining, eh? I’m still ripping following the external drive’s death, but its been good to look at the actual CDs that I haven’t in a very long time.

    Here’s to the iPod behaving in future!

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    1. It is, and as much as I hate it, iTunes arguably seems to be the best player around! Kevin disagrees, but I hate my phone as a player – I like my iPod Touch!


  4. I had a similar issue happen with my phone last week. I was lost without it. It is a shame that humans must rely on their technology so much. It is more addictive than crack.

    I can’t relate on the ipod issue as I am so old school,but I can relate on the lack of storage.
    My house is beginning to resemble an episode of Hoarders with all the stacks of records, trunks, crates, boxes and piles of books, cd’s, cassettes and 8 tracks.
    Don’t even get me started on the stereo equipment. I might need to sell some off to those Storage Wars people. Yuuuuuuuuup.



    Double aaaarrrrrrrrgh.

    You know how much I get frustrated when tech fails. This situation would be enough to send me into a meltdown. Seriously. Like the kind where Mrs. LeBrain goes out to play Bingo for the afternoon just to get out of the house!

    On the other hand I do love the process of ripping my old music. Finding those discs I’d forgotten about. I am still ripping today…I have no idea how much of my collection I have yet to rip, and I’ve been at it for years.

    My condolences but good luck just the same!

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  6. I feel your pain. I’m just dreading the day (hopefully sometime into the next millennium) that my iPod Classic dies on me. I NEED to carry 41.4 days worth of music around with me!


  7. I have an old iPod Classic which is I guess somewhere between 1-3 years old. (I’m guessing because I cannot remember when I bought it…)

    A few times, whether by design or just pure stroke of luck, my iPod has managed to wipe itself completely clean on 3 separate occasions. Oh the joy…

    I’ve restored most of my music now but I recently bought myself an iPod Nano, which seems to be working okay so far. I keep a lot of my recent purchases/releases on there.

    And yeah, the whole U2 album thing we’ll just let pass by.


  8. That sinking feeling when you realize something is very wrong with your device..been there! Good way to look at it though, a clean slate, time for a new selection of music. Have fun finding your favorite music!

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  9. It’s rare when classic apple products go wrong, but that’s what makes it so darn painful! Had you recently updated iTunes on the computer? I’ve noticed iTunes getting less and less reliable as of late, and had a similar problem (the exclamation marks – which usually means the file has no permanent source) after I updated iTunes for my old man’s ipad. Can’t help but feel like that may have started off this series of unfortunate events…?

    My CD and tape collection is in much the same state as yours. Years ago, I ripped absolutely every last one of them and switched to digital “for good,” but of course karma stepped in and blew my computer and external hard drives simultaneously. I do not have the heart to do it all again, so I just swim through my bins on an as-needed basis.

    Still, it’s not a bad idea to wipe and start from scratch, I think. I’ve got things popping up on my iPods all the time that have me thinking, “why the hell is this on here?!”

    Also Daft Punk is awesome.


  10. The fact that you could do a factory reset on a six year old iPod Touch and get it running again is pretty amazing. My 6 year old Touch is somewhere around the house, and still functioning I believe. My son took it over once I bought a new one last year.

    Happy to hear you got it up and running once again, and you got to check out that U2 album everyone was so mad about. “Free album?? Not on my watch!”

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