[For the Love of ‘Fee] Eight O’Clock Coffee

‘For the Love of ‘Fee’ is one coffee-lover’s attempt to machete through the tangle of coffee beans and brews to find an awesome cup of coffee. Juan Valdez follows ME! ๐Ÿ™‚

Lately, I have only been surviving on one cup of coffee a day. I blame my busy work schedule and the pressure to get moving in the morning, so I haven’t made time to sit and enjoy my usual cup. I guess that isn’t a bad thing per se, but I have to say that I am glad it’s the weekend so I can actually sit and enjoy more than one cup. And this morning, I sit with a cup of Eight O’Clock Coffee.

coffee and paper

If memory serves, Eight O’Clock Coffee is exclusive to Metro and A&P stores. My first taste of this brew was back when my sister and I lived together in London, Ontario, which is actually where I had my first cup of coffee. It was inexpensive on a student’s budget, aromatic and delicious, even when brewed using our 4-cup Mr. Coffee drip-o-matic.

There is something nostalgic and familiar about Eight O’Clock coffee…the light and friendly scent that reminds you of sitting at the kitchen table with fresh toast and peanut butter, a newspaper, and a fresh hot cup of coffee. As a household coffee standard, its taste surpasses Maxwell House and Folgers, in my opinion. Never bitter, smooth taste.

I love grinding these beans and smelling that aroma, especially after you spent the last week with another flavour that you got tired of*.ย  And I get three glorious cups of it! Yes, please.

cupface initech

If you are ever searching for a decent generic coffee that smells good, tastes good and is an excellent stand-by coffee, Eight O’Clock Coffee is your brew.

8.5 / 10

*Kicking Horse Pipeline, if you must know. Not a bad one, but Kicking Horse make better flavours. I have written about them previously here.

Trivia time: What company is represented on my mug in the cupface pic? Where have you seen this company before?

Update on a previous ‘fee story…

Remember this cup from my Moonbeam Devil’s Brew ‘fee review?

Caseys cupThis is a mug from Casey’s Bar and Grill, a restaurant that originated in my hometown of Sudbury, Ontario. Its Kingsway location still existed until this past summer when they shuttered the joint to become…another phony authentic Irish / Scottish / Whothehellknowsanymore pub chain Fionn MacCool’s? Bah! (What makes it worse, is that Sudz already has one of these in the South End.) RIP Casey’s


  1. Peanut butter on toast! I did that last week with fresh Picard’s peanut butter right from the outlet.

    I know the mug answer but I won’t spoil it for the others. The Bobs would be happy with that mug.

    Good morning Sarca, enjoy your ‘fee.

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  2. As a former A&P Inventory Engineer Specialist for many years I definitely have fond memories of the familiar smell and smooth taste of 8’oclock coffee. A quarter dropped into an honour jar in the lunch room bought you all the coffee you could drink during a break. Fresh grounds, little salt on top, even brewed through that calcium clogged commercial brewer, never had a bitter taste.

    You must have a perfect record of TPS Reports to earn a mug like that

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  3. One cup a day ..man that’s Impressive! Myself it’s one in the am when I rise!(Ahem) 2 during the work shift and one more at home so basically 4-5 a day….
    I have seen this stuff of course on the shelves but since my 16 year old daughter works at Tims Theres my dealer so to speak….

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    1. Barely computes for me either! But, I am finding I don’t have time in the morning to drink more than one cup at home, and then no time for a coffee break at work. And I HAVE BEEN A BEAR!! Need to turn this around!


      1. Oh man, time for some organization. OK. My lovely wife sets the pot up to brew the night before, punches the button in the morning, goes and gets ready. She fills two go cups for the commute. And you gotta take two minutes and brew at the office. Surely they give you pee breaks, do it then. Drink it at your desk. Or get a Keurig for your desk. There are ways…

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        1. I used to set up the coffee the night before, but the temp gauge is over-sensitive in the percolator. The cold water from the fridge becomes tepid overnight and then the perc will only half brew. (first world problems!)
          About brewing at work – I’d love to, only problem is that when I have appointments with 5 students a day, it’s next to impossible. I am having the September blues! It should slow down soon.


  4. I have never tried this coffee, but now I wanna! An 8.5 from Sarca sounds good to me! And I can get it at Metro, and collect Air Miles for the camera lens I no longer need to save towards! Wait…

    But I will try this coffee. Thanks for the heads-up!

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  5. I’m struggling to fit in even one coffee a day! Each time I make a cup I’m pulled away … returning to a cold brew. Bah. An early morning coffee sounds perfect for tomorrow …

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    1. Hope you’re getting a little bit of sleep at least dude. Stay good, I’m really happy for you and your little man!

      I had a coffee first thing Monday morning, just an office coffee, but it was the bottom of the pot. That thing hit me like 1.21 gigawatts!

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      1. Thanks, Mike – getting a little sleep, but I don’t have many complaints other than the inability to make, and finish, a good coffee! ๐Ÿ™‚

        Our office doesn’t have a coffee maker at all, so I’ll be hitting the Pret downstairs if needed when I’m back – they’re black filter will give me the 1.21 gigawatt hit! ๐Ÿ™‚

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