Absence Makes the Blogging Heart Grow Fonder

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything for this blog…August 5th to be exact.

I am sure some of you have noticed my absence from reading and writing blog posts. I have a really good excuse, I promise! It’s called summer, and what often happens in the summer is the race to get things done while you are away from work, because, well, you are at home. Traveling, appointments, visitors, things that need doing around the house…time slipped away from me and there has been no time for reading or writing.

How to memorialize my summer for this blog? Instead of writing individual posts for everything I did, here is a list of everything I did, in potential blogposts titles:

1.Damn you impacted ear!
A painful two-week journey spent with a plugged up ear, which included sick time, some type of stinky oil that reeked of jet fuel and a doctor’s syringe. 

2. I finished Mass Effect 2!
Review forthcoming…

3. The Hubs and I started Borderlands the Pre-sequel!
Fun fun fun!


4. Company’s Coming! ~ times three weekends in a row!
August was one busy-ass month. It included getting the house ready for 2 kidlets under 3, and shopping for a new mattress and futon. Then it was Good Times with the family and friends! I love ’em, but whew! I am exhausted!

5. I bought eye glasses at Wal-Mart (with some regret)
Take it from me…buying cheap Wally World glasses does not always pay off as we have already returned our glasses for repair. A month has gone by and the hubs hasn’t even gotten to wear his yet! 

6. My spotty red shadow spans long
It has been one itchy and scary summer as my plaque psoriasis decided to flare up to such an extent it spread to over 60% of my body. I was looking like a red leopard for a while there… I am doing better now, and have been referred to a Dermatologist.

7. I am out of the running as an America’s Next Top Model watcher
I have been a faithful watcher of this show since 2003. I watched the first episode of this season, and it is my last. They changed everything a couple of seasons ago, and it never recovered. I am done. Bye bye Tyra Banks!


8. I hope the “Go Jays Go!” bandwagon has room for one more!
I wasn’t a fan, but now I am. Every night I’m watching the Toronto Blue Jays fight to win, and I’ve been enjoying it! (And BTW, I went to the August 30th Jays game against the Detroit Tigers. It was so awesome, I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun I had!)

9. I am the knitting queen
With friends and family having babies this year, I got to work on some knitting. I managed to knit two baby blankets, with a third in the works! No bad…

10. Dairy Queen Blizzards, iced coffee and BBQ. Enough said.
Because (cover your ears, 1537) ice cream and grilled meats.

There you have it – my summer in a series of blogpost titles.

How has your summer been?



  1. No need to ever feel bad about an absence Sarca! Life is for the living. Winter is a long time, and I have a directory of Getting More Tale waiting for you later. LOL

    Anyway I’m glad you’re (more or less?) well! I don’t think I would enjoy itchy skin the summer.

    Enjoy this long weekend. We’re heading off to Tim’s shortly 🙂

    Welcome back.

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  2. We definitely noticed your absence for sure, but figured you had good reason – and you did! Life and the living of it, right on! You’ve been a busy girl! Same around here, cottage for the week with the fam, and the gear-up for back-to-school. My baby goes this year! I am so not ready for it. But away she goes!

    I think a lot of us have discovered, this summer, that we’ll blog when we can, when we feel like it, and not to too much of a schedule. Rich took the whole summer off, Deke took a hiatus, I’m clawed back to once a week… It’s all good. We’re all happy with new content if and when it comes along!

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    1. Thanks, Satchmo. 🙂 I am also hitting second busiest season at work (the first is January, surprisingly – because of the short turnaround between fall and winter semesters), so I am looking forward to reading when I can and writing too. K and I haven’t had a lot of time together just the two of us, which we will make up for this long weekend!


          1. Actually, I shouldn’t complain too much. We had a few hours together in Toronto back in June, around her being in conferences both days. I count that as a win! Maybe we can get a date night again sometime before Christmas!


  3. Mine is also very very busy – first of 3 weekends spent in Toronto, but we’ve also been to California, Montreal, Boston, and the cottage up in Minden Hills. Gotta squeeze every last moment out of these Canadian summers!!!

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  4. Welcome Back Sarca….I did see your Facebook stuff show up on my timeline so I knew your were a Busy Chillin!
    Aaron as he said i took a couple of weeks off as I hit the wall ..Hahahaha…I posted a Who review and as Rich pointed out I spelled each Who memebers name wrong! I knew a burnout was upon me……now I feel like I’m ready to continue so I have tinkling away …Next week it’s Tribute Week with a 3 Pack album salute to someone…ha!
    Our Summer as a family has been busy with our 3 daughters working various times etc,plus 2 of them had there wisdom teeth yanked,schedules dictated a lot of time but at least I had the last 4 out of 5 weeks off!
    Back To Reality on Tuesday!

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      1. Thanks, I know about ear issues as well as at the age of 45 I got a tube placed In my left ear after due to continuous amounts of ear infections! I have had to get it done twice but since than knock on wood I’ve been clear of infections…having said that due to the amount of infections and it taking forever to get into a specialist I know I have some loss in the left ear….I did go for a hearing test and I passed..haha…so,who knows ..but take care of it Sarca…..

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        1. I am a veteran of ear issues. Like you, I had frequent ear infections growing up, had tubes put in…I also have tiny ear canals, so they are sensitive to barometric changes. I hate flying because it can be painful! I have also been blessed with an overproduction of wax my whole life. I also have hearing loss and auditory processing disorder, so I know your pain, dude! I now have psoriasis IN my ears. Can’t get better than that! Haha


  5. No need to apologise for the absence! I’m sure you’ve had an awesome Summer by the sounds of it.

    I’ve had an old pair of glasses I bought years ago, which need replacing but I haven’t gotten around to it (mainly as I spend all my money on music…)

    That plugged up ear sounds painful. I’m half-deaf in my left ear (long ass story…) so I have some experience with visits to the doctor and such. I’ve been deaf since I was 4 or 5, so I’ve gotten used to seeing a doctor every year or so (which is the longest time between appointments and the best. Always when they say ‘see you next year’ a grin crosses my face as that is really really good news).

    I hope they can sort out whatever the problem is. Might need some wax drops or something Waxy to clear up the ear.

    See you around the blogsphere!

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    1. Hi Nick! Thanks for the comment! The ear stuff has been a problem for me for years and years. I also have hearing loss, due to frequent infections as a kid. Not fun! The doctor has given me this stuff called cerumol that disolves the wax. It’s stinky but works. 🙂

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        1. I didn’t think twice that you were being sarcastic, HMO.
          It certainly is harder getting your hands on the show online, even here. My favourite seasons were the first 10, and those are hard to find. Never mind, Project Runway is the same – hard to find, if it airs in Canada at all.

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  6. Sarca who? it’s been ages!

    I took a few weeks off-blog to do a European road trip and fall in love with Italy and that’s about it. I bought a cool ass Bialetti expresso maker and even cooler expresso cups whilst I was away though – I think you’d approve.

    Sorry to hear about your plague too.

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  7. Crazy how those three summer months go by so quickly. Love Dairy Queen. We visited family in Chicago over the summer and had it every night we stayed with my mom (4/4 nights). Luckily for my waistline, there isn’t one close to my house. Ha!

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    1. DQ is a 25 minute drive away from us, but we have been mobile. This summer has been the first in years since we had DQ, and we went three times this year! 🙂


  8. Summer has been good here, with our long US journey across several states.
    I like your idea of putting up the list here in possible blog titles. It means we won’t have to miss you for so long again!

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