A Box of Goodies and Some ‘Fee

It’s a blog link-up today! After reading this post, please join my friend, Aaron at Keeps Me Alive, where he shares what he got from me this week! Read about it here!

This past Monday I went to the post box and was happy to find a parcel addressed to me! It was sent by Aaron from the Keeps Me Alive HQ!

As much as I would like to say I wasn’t expecting this package, I’d be lying. But I am surprised with its contents, which were unexpected and AWESOME!

First, some context.


This past Christmas 2014, some of you may recall me gifting myself the Tragically Hip Fully Completely Limited Edition Super Deluxe Boxed Set, which contained a book about this awesome album, the full remastered album, a live CD of them performing Fully Completely live at the Horseshoe Tavern in the Fall of 1993, a DVD of Heksenketel, which was a glimpse into the Hip on the road during their 1993 Another Roadside Attraction tour and 5 lithographs. I recall Aaron commenting on that post about how awesome this set looked, and as a collector, how cool it would be to have it. I wish I shared his enthusiasm for it…although I love this particular album, top to bottom, the Super Deluxe set was great to peruse, but it wasn’t something I wanted keep in my collection for a lifetime.

At the same time, Aaron had received the smaller Fully Completely Deluxe Edition for Christmas. This one only contains the remastered album and live CD in one package. One day, I had a thought…why not ask Aaron to swap deluxe sets? He’d wind up with what he wants (the book and CDs), and I’d still have my album, which is really what I should have bought in the first place. I broached the subject with the hubs in January, and he supported me, but I decided I would sit on the idea for a spell.

A couple of weeks ago, I emailed Aaron to ask if he wanted to do the swap, which he excitedly said YES. And thus, the parcel swap was born.

Aaron’s parcel to me arrived on Monday. I don’t get home mail delivery – I pick up my mail from a community super mailbox up the street. Thus, Canada Post crammed Aaron’s package into the smaller thinner locked parcel mail box that is meant for much smaller parcels. As a result, I had to bend the box to get it out. Thankfully, nothing got damaged!

So, I opened the package to discover…the Fully Completely Deluxe Edition inside!! Yes!…along with some other surprises!

devils brew

…How about some COFFEE!! The minute I managed to unwedge the box, I could smell the amazing aroma of roasted beans! Aaron’s recent trip to Taranna provided him access to his favourite beans and brew retailer, Moonbean. He was generous enough to send along a one-pound bag of Devil’s Brew coffee beans for me to review on a future ‘Fee post! Yay!


…Next up, Andrew Cash’s Boomtown on cassette! Currently, the CD version of this album is one of my grail list items on the KMA! Aaron said he had this cassette in his collection, and decided to send it to me! Finally, the universe is how it should be!

Sony walkman aaron

…A Sony Sports Walkman! Aaron wanted to send me what he thought was the same model Walkman I had but broke years ago (read here for context). Alas, it is not the same model. However, I am still the proud owner of a half-decent Walkman! Now, let’s listen to some Andrew Cash!

Helen troy

…An odd action figure of …Helen of Troy?! Looking a little manish, this action figure is part of a diorama, and comes complete with concrete pillar. Helen stands with a shocked look on her face. I guess the fake pillar is so she has something to hang on to so she doesn’t pass out. Aaron says he had this stored away, and it recently surfaced. He thought that I should have it for some reason. 🙂  Helen will live on my desk at work, next to my Super Grover figurine.


Last, but certainly not least…the reason for the sending of the package: the Fully Completely Deluxe Edition! It is a simple set that folds out to reveal two CDs. The liner notes are reminiscent of the original album’s liner notes – songs with lyrics on one side, and the album cover on the other! Fantastic! I am very happy with this set!

As mentioned, I have sent along a package to Aaron. Be sure to check out his version!

Thanks again, Aaron, for the package full of awesomeness! Now go and read his post!!


  1. A Helen of Troy action figure? Who needs Princess Leia when you’ve got Helen of Troy? Very cool post. We should do a coffee swap someday. All coffee fiends in the blogosphere unite.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Great post, I’m glad you liked the extra goodies! Now if I had only put the In Violet Light that I found for you in Toronto in there too, it woulda been perfect!

    I did say Yes excitedly, but only after some serious discussion about the fact that when you first mentioned this idea, I hesitated big time because I saw it as a losing proposition for you. Swapping your awesome boxed set worth 5 times as much for my off-the-rack 2CD set? You had to convince me you were alright with it! 😉

    Even though it isn’t the right one, I hope the Sony brings you hours of enjoyment! CASSETTES IN 2015! Woooo! And enjoy the Devil’s Bean/Bone… Brew (haha my handwriting suuuucks). We’ve had that one and it’s awesome. I think the last one I sent you was Heaven-something, so not only is there now balance in your coffee world (heaven/hell) but there’s clearly a bit of a religious theme with the coffee I send you Ha! Looking forward to your thoughts on it.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, and I’m finishing up some Three Sisters! It’s all religion up in here!

      Yes, I do make light of the fact you were quick to say YES, but, indeed we did have a back-and-forth. I am very pleased with this set, and obviously you’re liking yours, so WOOHOO! Happy times!! 🙂


  3. WOW!!! Above and beyond the call of duty, this guy!

    Great post…reminds me of the crazy surprises he sends. I have a dinky Homer Simpson-mobile that he found, sealed, for example.

    He warned me I have another parcel coming! Wonder what he’s done this time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha I’m always finding crazy Hot Wheels in my travels, you get most of them. I don’t even know if you collect them!

      I do have some goodies for you, but I’m creating a pile here and will give them to you next time I see you in person. Like when you come to Taranna for the day in June right? :). Either that or in the fall for our annual Taranna trip. Why would I wait? Um… just building suspense? Hee hee 🙂


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