[Review] Torchlight (PC)

Here I go, playing the original Torchlight game after having just finished playing its sequel. Some may say some game sequels are better than their predecessors. I can say that although Torchlight II was a fresher experience than the first game, Torchlight still held a lot of appeal for me.

In this game, Torchlight is a boomtown where underground there is a large repository of Ember, an ore with magical powers. A mine was built under the town, and sooner or later the Ember’s powers began to corrupt anyone or thing it came in contact with. The townspeople learn much too late that the corruption of Ember was caused by an evil alchemist. You are charged with stopping this guy by going down into the mine, descending further through underground dungeons and caverns until you face the alchemist in one large boss fight.

Torchlight and Torchlight II, of course, share similar elements, with a few minor changes. To start, Torchlight is a seemingly shorter game than the sequel, and provides a simpler experience. There is only one world you explore, and only one town your character can teleport to, where you purchase weapon upgrades, armor and health potions. Also, unlike the sequel, there are few quests you could go on in the main campaign. Torchlight II, however is a larger game with more worlds, and quests. Both games share the same creatures that you are made to fight off, including man-sized tarantulas, dragons and evil sorcerers.

To be consistent, I decided to reprise my character from Torchlight II, a female I called Olbag. Likewise, she had her pet wolf dog, Danger, by her side. A similar menu system to Torchlight II was present in this game, where you manage your character’s armor, weapons and clothing. One area of minor complaint, was my character’s equipment inventory section. Having only a limited amount of slots available to carry items, and there being a ton of treasure laying about that my character could pick up in gameplay, I found myself constantly having to empty my character’s equipment inventory, as I continuously ran out of room. My character complained, “I am overburdened,” and “my pack is full” a lot! Olbag’s pet also has an equipment inventory, with the ability to carry stuff too, which I gladly utilized. But, even so, I still found myself running out of room quickly. I am not sure what I was doing wrong there…and likely has more to do with my own game management experience and less to do with Torchlight.

With that minor complaint aside, I really enjoyed Torchlight. Its keyboard and mouse gameplay was as seamless as its sequel and was adaptable. The music, too, was familiar and enjoyable. Although the graphics in the second game were sharper, I still enjoyed Torchlight’s look and feel. With all things considered, although a simpler experience, Torchlight is game worth checking out.


Torchlight (PC)
Runic Games

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