[YouTube] GirlfriendVS Mega Man 2 (NES), with special guest, Sarca!

Yep, call me Norma Desmond! I’m a big staaaaah with an NES controller!

Back in the Fall, my husband and I taped a small project, engineered by YouTube channel, GirlfriendVS. It was a collaboration which included four other YouTube channels, Round2Gaming, the Cartridge Bros. (P1 and P2), and finally my husband’s channel, Buried On Mars. The theme: Five couples, one game. Each YouTuber got their significant other to play the NES game MegaMan 2 – a game none of the girls played before, with the goal to see how far they could get in the game. It was a little friendly competition among the girls and it was great fun!

How did Sarca do?

The full video has just been released. Watch to find out! 🙂


  1. Well done on the vid..man I laughed at whoever put the “that’s Creepy” in the end on that one interview..I howled, good sport that fella is……who said Video Killed The Radio Star!?


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