[For the Love of ‘Fee] Kicking Horse Coffee

‘For the Love of ‘Fee’ is one coffee-lover’s attempt to machete through the tangle of coffee beans and brews to find an awesome cup of coffee. Juan Valdez follows ME! 🙂

Okay kids, time to put on your itchy Sunday best – Sarca’s taking you to church!

The Church of ‘Fee that is! Please turn to page Coffee in your hymnals. Today, we sing the praises of Canada’s own Kicking Horse Coffee.


I was first introduced to Kicking Horse Coffee at my work. Every March, my work has a staff appreciation week, providing interesting workshops and such to the support staff of the college. Three years ago, I attended the best seminar ever – on coffee. There, we were able to try different methods of brewing coffee – from French Press and Percolated to Italian espresso and Turkish brewed. It was this day I was introduced to the likes of Kicking Horse Coffee – a Canadian certified organic roastery based in British Columbia.

At first introduction, the name Kicking Horse conjured up thoughs of kicking ass, which also made me think this coffee would do just that – kick my ass. Never mind, when I heard the beans we were trying the day of the coffee seminar were actually called Kick Ass, I knew I was going to fall in lust. Time to put the devil horns on! The Kicking Horse Kick Ass coffee beans were ground and brewed for us. Like the feeding of the five thousand, a little pot of Kicking Horse Kick Ass coffee managed to make the rounds in a room full of 50 people without the pot running dry.

And it was good. Tasty.

Kick Ass is considered a dark roast, which is a type of roast I am not partial to at all, but I did enjoy this one very much. It didn’t taste like the burnt sludge from the bottom of the office’s coffee carafe. I enjoyed it so much that when the guy conducting the workshop asked if anyone wanted any beans to take home I enthusiastically raised my hand in an “oh oh pick me!” gesture and was rewarded with half a pound of Kick Ass beans. For the win!

One week, my local grocery store had a massive sale on coffee, including Kicking Horse coffee. Let me put it out there – Kicking Horse is not the cheapest coffee. A one-pound bag can cost upwards of $16. So, when I see it on sale for under $16 at my local grocery store, I say let’s scoop some up! Unfortunately that day, my prayers weren’t answered – there was no Kick Ass roast left. But, there was what turned out to be the next best thing: Three Sisters Roast.

Bible study time!


Named after a three-peak mountain formation that looks like three nuns in habit, Three Sisters is considered a medium roast. Like the entire line of Kicking Horse roasts, the beans are packaged in a black foil bag. A clean-looking logo, representing the Three Sisters roast is printed on the front, as well as Kicking Horse’s logo. The package states that Kicking Horse is certified organic, and is considered a fair trade product which, in my opinion, is a cause to support. The package also states the beans are a combo of Indonesian, Central and South American beans, and are roasted in Canada.

The description says Three Sisters is “Smooth, Savoury, Seductive.” Ooo, are these nuns naughty?

First Impressions

In opening the bag of beans, I was hit with a comforting aroma of wood-burning fireplace with undertones of hot-air-popped popcorn (yes, popcorn!). Here’s something else I found interesting: the whole beans’ colour was not in one standard tone. They varied in tones of brown and black. My guess is, the varied tones mean some beans were deep roasted, while others were not. Or, maybe it comes from using beans from different locales…?

How It Smells and Tastes

The coffee is fragrant and tasty, as simple as that. This is not your average church potluck luncheon watered-down coffee. It’s better than that! This is full-bodied, smooth and flavourful. Sinfully secular! Pass the potato salad!

Worth the Price?

The Kicking Horse Coffee brand isn’t cheap, and that might be its sin. But, if you can manage to find some on sale, I definitely recommend you pick some beans up. There are other roasts available beside Kick Ass and Three Sisters, including cool-sounding Bugaboo, Grizzly Claw, Hoodoo Jo and Mocha Yoho, in varied roasts from light to dark and decaf varieties.

Kicking Horse Coffee is a 10/10!

For more info on this awesome coffee, go to:

Now, can I get an AMEN up in here? 😉



  1. Nice new cupface!

    I knew by the pic this was a Canadian coffee though I assumed Alberta. Three Sisters is a mountain range (as you said) in the Rockies. Kicking Horse Pass is a passthough that I visited once. Very cool Sarca!


    1. I assumed Alberta too, and needed further verification…Although some of their coffee is named after places in Alberta, it’s from a small town in BC, though right near to Alberta.


          1. One day perhaps. I have been to Alberta three times, and each time was really special. We went in 1979 as kids for two weeks. I FELL into Athabasca glacier. I remember some mean lady laughing at me!

            Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks (about the shirt, at least lol) It’s from the Sars stock I think. It’s a 3/4 sleeve, and K bought it used, but he’s too broad-shouldered for it. Perfect for me!


            1. I definitely do, and that girl is an idiot. I’m also up on the girl who had stars tattooed all over her face and sued the tat artist for buyers remorse. I’m up on my “bad tat” culture!


            2. BTW, I think the trend started with a girl tattooing the name of an online casino to her forehead to get $100 000 or something. Of course it was a publicity stunt. She too is an idiot.


  2. I think we may need to scout our city for the best brand. We’re drinking now Starbucks, but mom has to admit it’s a one -off…. we’ drink so much coffee the available size sold at stores will not even last 2 days. We cannot afford. :/


        1. Haha sorry I meant Wouldn’t be dear to send, not Would.

          I recognize that’s a fairly slippery slope. All kindsa good coffees here! 😉

          I tried looking it up on the Canada Post web site but of course it’s a government site and not actually designed to be clear as it is helpful. But according to this it doesn’t look verboten:

          Generally, non-mailable matter means, but is not limited to, any mail:

          that is prohibited by law (e.g., illegal, obscene, fraudulent)

          for which the importing or mailing contravenes an Act of Parliament

          that fails to meet certain physical characteristics or marking requirements

          that contains products or substances that could:

          cause injury to those handling the mail

          cause damage to postal equipment or other items, or

          cause entrapment of other items

          that contains sexually explicit material unless it is sent in an opaque envelope with the words “ADULT MATERIAL” or similar wording.


  3. Oh man, do I love this. I have become a bit of a coffee snob over the last year. It started earlier in the year when on a trip to Denver I finally bought a decent bean grinder and a bag of Kenyan dark roast beans. Since then I’ve been on the journey for the best tasting coffee. My wife bought me the best Christmas present ever(well, at least since that Christmas when I opened a package of underwear that had my name on the tag..not written on them..the brand name of said briefs was my name…John Henry Underwear.) She bought me a pour-over coffee set, and I believe I have found the best-tasting cup of coffee with it. It uses special filters that are thicker and filter out much of the acidity in the beans, so you pretty much get a concentrated shot of bean essence. We’ve had a french press for some time now, and I do like it, but the pour-over blows the french press away as far as taste goes.

    As far as beans go, I much prefer dark roast to medium. Now you’d think you would be getting a shot of expresso-like caffeine buzzery, but in fact the darker the roast the less caffeine you’re getting. The roasting process burns the caffeine content down. You’re just getting a rich, full-bodied flavor. I’m all about the flava, yo. I have a bag of medium roast Ethiopia in the cupboard now and I do like it. But dark roast is definitely my thing.

    I would LOVE to try some of that Three Sisters. Is it available online? You should look up Just Coffee Cooperative, http://justcoffee.coop/. They have some amazing all organic, fair trade coffees. The WTF Dark Roast is out of this world good.

    I need to go pour a cup now.

    Oh, and nice shirt. I still had my ‘Razor’s Edge’ tour shirt(as well as the Love/Hate tour shirt from the same show) up until about 7 years ago. Great show, and the second concert I’d ever been to(November of 1990.)

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      1. What’s up with Canada and you not being able to buy off Amazon? Do I need to create some sort of Underground Railroad so I can smuggle you graphic novels and coffee? I will if I need to. It’s for a greater cause.


            1. Yes exactly. For example I collect Transformers toys which Amazon sellers often sell, but most won’t ship here. I can buy a CD off just about anybody though, which I sometimes do if I can’t get it on Canadian’s Amazon.

              Liked by 1 person

            2. I wonder if it’s got something to do with insuring them for international sales? I know customs can be a real bear, on both sides.

              Do you collect new or old Transformer toys? Just curious. I still have a basement full of my childhood toys; Star Wars, GI Joe, a few Tonka trucks, and just a handful of Transformer toys. I had the original Jetfire from the 80s that I sold to a friend back in 2007. I’m kinda regretting that now.

              Liked by 1 person

            3. I think it’s something like that as well.

              I collect both new and old toys. I love the old toys, but I’m just as happy with a reissue. In fact in some cases I prefer a reissue so I don’t have to worry about breaking them. These are toys meant to be handled!

              An original Jetfire is one of THE most valuable toys, because it will NEVER be reissued. Hasbro don’t own that mold. They licensed it. I saw one in condition similar to mine go for $1000. I would like to buy some replacement pieces for mine. I have two that are slightly (but not terribly) broken.

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            4. “These are toys meant to be handled!” Amen, brother! They’re meant to be played with, enjoyed, and used. These aren’t museum pieces. I’ve got a collection of Star Wars stuff downstairs that if they were in mint condition I could probably put one of my kids through college with ’em. But when I was 7, 8 years old I wasn’t thinking about college tuition and boarding costs. I was thinking about how the Millenium Falcon could fly through the Death Star’s defense shield. I was thinking about freezing Luke in a glass of water, or burying a stormtrooper in the sand box out back and digging him back up in a week just to see what he’d look like. You know, PLAYING with them.


            5. Hah! I froze HAN in a glass of water!

              Our original Star Wars toys are all well played with. Our Transformers, too. But now what I do is, when I lost that one missile for my Dinobot as a kid, I can replace it for a few dollars on eBay! I enjoy having the opportunity to correct some of my childhood losses. You can also buy reproduction labels to make your figure look like new again, because let’s face it: those stickers peeled, if you even put them on in the right places.

              FYI Shockwave is another figure of similar value to Jetfire, for similar reasons.

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            6. Well worth the few bucks I’d say. And Shockwave was one I never ended up getting(sadly.) I had a friend that had the Megatron gun, and pretty much everything else Hasbro put out there.

              So many great toys, man. If I didn’t spend what I do on vinyl, I’d probably be collecting toys(vintage and otherwise.)


          1. Same here. Nowadays, I’m just more frugal with what I buy. Those “just for the hell of it” purchases are few and far between. Besides, I have just as much fun perusing comics with my son as I do perusing vinyl with just me. It’s great seeing that collector in him.


        1. Absolutely. We talked before our kids (5 and 3) were born about how fun it would be to see who they’ll be when they grew up a bit, and wow it happens fast! Our boy likes those plastic dinosaurs (we have a whole box full), fire trucks of all sizes, and cars from the movie Cars. He’s just learning to read, so comic books will be next!

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          1. It does go by fast. I’ve got a tote full of dinosaurs downstairs that my son has grown out of. So, so many dinosaurs. He’s 9 now, almost 10. He now has an encyclopedic knowledge of Marvel and DC. It’s frightening. And Legos are his thing now. It’s a blast seeing where they go next. We have three kids(14, 11, and 9) and that whole “it goes so fast” thing is the truest thing there is.


        2. Haha don’t tell my son about the dinos, he’d be over to pick them up and then our house would truly be overrun by Jurassic Park!

          Legos. I didn’t even mention Legos because I figured that was a given! Oh yes, we have sets of Lego here, and even mine still from when I was a kid.

          I swear it was ten minutes ago I cut the cord for our boy, I swear it!

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        3. I think the longest part was the 21 hours of labour getting him here (during which his heartbeat disappeared for a time because the cord went round his neck). I sometimes hear people talk about how they’re stressed or anxious and think yeah? I get that!

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          1. Wow. Yeah, I totally get that. We were pretty lucky with all of our deliveries. Nothing like that. Our 11 year old daughter had to almost be forced out with a nurse pushing down on my wife’s stomach(maybe the OB version of a Hail Mary pass?)That was interesting. Though, she was 10 lbs, 2 oz, so we needed all the help we could get.


        4. Yup clueless bystanders. Did you ever hear Robin Williams’ Night At The Met when he’s talking about “sharing the birth experience?” He said, among other things, “Unless you’re opening an umbrella up your a$$, you are NOT sharing the birth experience!” Haha Classic stuff. And quite a mental image.

          But I think being there for support goes a long way. And not just the hand-holding and getting her stuff as needed, but advocating with hospital staff on her behalf. They’re a bit numb to births, in the ward, and forget that frist-time parents don’t always know what questions to ask. And when she’s in the middle of a contraction, she ain’t asking nobody anything (except maybe the Elder G-ds for some sort of relief, haha) so we provide a valuable service in the ways that help keep the focus and help on what she’s doing.

          But oh yeah, when his monitor started beeping and about 8 nurses came charging in like the building was on fire and bodily shoved me out of the way, it’s still ok to defer to the pros sometimes! But the little stuff, yeah, that was all us.

          Also haha poor Mike too. He’s getting blamed for us rattling on. Does it make a difference if I’m sitting here drinking a really good coffee (not a KHP cuppa, alas)? That’s still connected to topic, yeah?

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          1. A good cup of coffee makes all the difference, friend.

            I have heard the Williams bit. It was a semi-regular rental at my house growing up. Great stuff, and completely true.

            And I hear ya. It may seem like we don’t know what the hell we were doing in there, but we’re there for a purpose. I think I served that purpose, at least my wife says I did. The first time was the worst, obviously. But card games, 3am conversations about what the dogs will think of the baby, and grabbing some more ice to chew on makes all the difference. Oh, and shuffling relatives out into the hallway when things get rough. That’s superhero stuff right there.


        5. Card games came with the second delivery, our daughter. The nurses thought we were zen masters or something. She was 6 hours and a total breeze. After the boy’s wild ride getting here, we were a lot calmer. All our relatives wisely stayed at our house until we called. It gave us a chance to get together before they showed up.

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        6. You might need to create that underground railroad lol!
          Further to what others have mentioned, some stuff sold on the American Amazon will kill you this side of the border with shipping and customs. That’s why I try to find stuff in Canada first. A graphic novel is almost never worth it when the shipping is doubled. I’ve discovered the same with clothing outlets like Macy’s et al. They’ll ship to Canada, but the price and customs rates to ship doesn’t justify it. It’s a pain. Besides the fact what is sold on the American Amazon is not the same as Canada’s. So it goes.

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  4. I love the religious write-up threaded throughout here, very well done!

    I’ve had this coffee. It is awesome, was my Dad’s favourite for a while (he switches often).

    Nice one, Sarca!


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  5. Praise The Coffee Lords!
    Our deal at work is when some one travels outside the country they have to bring a bag of coffee back as we call our coffee club Brue@2! We have had coffee from South America,Europe,Australia u name it we drank it and some of this shit is so strong Aaron’s hair on top of his head would grow back pronto!
    Seriously though one person went to Texas and came back with coffee and the name on the bag was “Wake The F*%K UP!” It was Awesome she has since moved there….but the stuff was strong and thick!
    Cool review ….
    I kept the label on the bag if I find it I will send you a pic!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Hahaha…have no idea that would be cool working at the bottling plant …..’ok honey I just called into,work at the f*^k factory,gotta run ‘….
        Hahaha….the T shirts would be awesome…..

        Liked by 2 people

    1. That’s a great office rule! People at the bank would bring back really dumb stuff sometimes (although one time a lady brought back actual Turkish delights from Turkey and they were awesome), but coffee is a great thing for all!

      There was a place on the Danforth in Toronto (probably not far from BNL’s house in The Old Apartment, natch) called Jet Fuel. Their coffee, man, it was frickin’ JET FUEL!


    2. Praise, indeed! I sing the praises of the coffee lords every morning! I love the Brue@2 concept. Wish we had that kind of commoderie in my office…we can’t even share a g-d bar fridge, let alone a coffee maker…


      1. I’m lucky as at work we have a stainless steel coffee pot, Keurg and espresso machine. I only use the coffee pot so we have a sign up list for people who drink the coffee to bring a tin now and than to make it fair so it’s not only one person always bringing coffee in! So I Brue the first two pots of coffee at 930am and 2pm coffee breaks…plus our sign up list has a pic of the Crue from there Shout At The Devil album…hahaha

        Liked by 1 person

            1. None taken! Orange Pekoe is the mainstay in my house, and then we sort of divert from that depending. We just discovered the Irish and English Breakfast teas…

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            2. Starbux has its time and place. If we’re out and about and need a jolt…and Starbux happen to be RIGHT THERE (like right in the store), then maybe. It definitely isn’t my go-to take-out coffee. Tim Hortons would be. Starbucks has the best cafe mocha, however.

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