[Film] Corner Gas: The Movie (2014)

Sometimes you don’t know what you’re gonna get when TV shows do a movie. Some are great, some are cringe-worthy.

Thank the stars, someone had some good sense to turn a hilariously entertaining TV show like Corner Gas and make a decent movie out of it. No fuss, no muss: just an hour and a half long epi with Brent, Lacey, Wanda, Hank, et. al.

If you haven’t ever watched Corner Gas, this sitcom starred comedian Brent Butt as Brent Leroy, single 40-something who owns the only gas station in the teeny sleepy town of Dog River, Saskatchewan. The basic premise is that nothing really ever happens in Dog River, and out of the boredom, shenanigans ensue. Wanda works with Brent in the ajacent convenience store. Next door is the Ruby, the only coffee shop in town run by perky Lacey. Brent’s parents, long-time residents of Dog River are always into something. The town cops, Davis and Karen don’t have much crime to solve. And finally Hank, Brent’s forever unemployed best friend loafs around always bumming food from the Ruby and looking for his next employment opportunity.

As usual, I was a late bloomer to Corner Gas. The Canadian TV staple that aired on CTV from 2004 to 2009 was just one of those shows everyone told me I should watch, but never made time for, until the hubs and I started borrowing scratched-to-sh!t season collections of Corner Gas from the Markham, ON library. And now, any Canadian with a TV and an antenna can watch Corner Gas as it airs in syndication. I loved this show – hilarious! And as an aside, I hope my Christmas Amazon order comes through as it should because Santa is supposed to deliver the complete Corner Gas collection straight to my mail box!

In Corner Gas: the Movie, Dog River’s mayor, Fitzie used the town’s entire funds to invest in property in Detroit, bankrupting the town. As a result, the Town’s electricity bill couldn’t get paid so the lights were going out, garbage wasn’t getting picked up and the water pressure was screwed up, so no one could afford to hire a plumber to fix it. People were considering moving away before their properties were devalued. Meanwhile, a big shot coffee company was looking to bulldoze the town to make way for their warehouse operations. Dog River is under threat and it’s up to the townfolk to save it.

The plot is typical, contrived, and clicheed, and exactly what you would expect from Corner Gas. What makes this completely watchable is the infused Brent Butt humour, the loveable actors, and comfort that comes from watching what is essentially a big long episode of Corner Gas, only everyone is a little older and greyer. All the original actors reprise their roles which is great to see, especially the silly Eric Petersen who plays Brent’s dad on the show. The film played in theatres for five days starting December 3, 2014 in limited release. It also aired on TV December 8, which is how I watched the film.

I don’t have anything negative to say about Corner Gas: the Movie, really. It was everything I expected – funny, an easy watch and comfortable like a hot cup of coffee. If you’re a fan of the TV show, and even if you aren’t, I recommend the movie!


Corner Gas: the Movie
Watched on TV PVR


    1. You’d like the Tragically Hip cameo.

      Brent decides to get his old band together, but he has to kick that other band out of the rehearsal space he’s renting. It’s the Hip. “But Brent, we’re working on a new song.” and the punchline, “Don’t tell us what the poets are doing, get out!”


  1. I’m glad to hear this is good. Our friend Scott went to see it and loved it.

    I saw Brent Butt live a few years ago and he was great! So funny in stand up. I would go again. My mom met him after the show and said, “My favorite is officer Davis.”. I joked with her afterwards, “Mom! You should have said he was your favorite!”

    I like Brent’s dad Oscar best, jackass.

    Great writeup!

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  2. I can’t wait to see the Corner Gas movie. We have the full set of the DVDs and watch them regularly. Thankfully my kids haven’t started calling people jackasses yet. I have the Odds songs from the show in my favorites playlist too.

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