Introducing the Retro Fandango Podcast w Special Guest: ME!


About two weeks ago, my husband, Kevin, at Buried On Mars, and fellow YouTuber from Japan, Richard (Ram Vox), cracked a plan to start their own podcast on gaming popular culture and news. Thus, Retro Fandango was born! Joined by Cartridge Bros’ P1, Kevin and Richard invited me to participate as a special guest.

This was supposed to be a dry run, but It went so well it turned out to be the very first Retro Fandango podcast. I have to say I was a little nervous about the whole thing…but it went better than expected!

In this first episode you will hear my gaming history, what my favourite game is, my thoughts on Robocop, as well as a little something that I have been keeping from my fellow bloggers and readers who don’t personally know me…The only hint I’ll give is that my blogger persona and my real life persona collide.

Listen to the podcast here for more:

Thanks for your support! 🙂



    1. It’s not so much a “made up” name as it is an amalgamation of my first and two last names. I thought it was pretty funny, so I went for it! I was apprehensive revealing my name initially, but knew Richard, Sean and Kevin would screw up (and if I do anything more with Kevin, surely he will screw it up…17 years together will do that) I made the decision to reveal it. I will respond to both in convo – it is my name after all. You guys know me as Sarca and honestly, it’s what I’d prefer to be called online. If we ever meet in person, you can call me either, just not late for dinner! 😛

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      1. I was in the same boat at first – I opted for stephen1001 & no photo. It was probably after I posted my irate Pearl Jam letter that was signed ‘Geoff’ that people began calling me by my first name. Others began asking, wait a second, I’ve been commenting here for months (calling you Stephen) is your name Geoff or Stephen?!

        My lack of photo was also resolved thanks to the cupface series!

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  1. I listened! Well done, guys! I don’t know if I could talk that long and keep it that interesting. Cool on the name, I’ll admit I hadn’t caught the pun. Usually I’m so good at that. Anyway, very clever1 And I agree, Robocop is a cool movie. Loved it then, love it now. I have the 2014 remake here but haven’t watched it yet. I’m… kind of afraid to try it.

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    1. Thanks for listening!! 🙂

      Don’t listen to Kevin re the new Robocop being bad.
      The 2014 version was good. Sam L. was over the top as always, but I liked it. I don’t often like sequels either.


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