[For the Love of ‘Fee] If a Percolator Dies in a Kitchen Does Sarca Make a Sound?

Tragedy struck my coffee-loving home this weekend. My two-year-old Cuisinart percolator bit the biscuit. Instead of brewing hot java, it made lukewarm dishwater.

I can’t deny my percolator’s impending death has been etched on the wall for a while now. Every once in a while, it would make weakass coffee. I’d dump out and start over, and it would often manage to make an okay pot of coffee the second time around. Not yesterday morning, however. Nope, I had to succumb to the fact it was time for a new percolator.

Thankfully, we have an old Black and Decker drip coffee maker stored in our utility room ready to go for times like this. The drip maker’s coffee was passable, but it’s not my preferred method of brew.

In case you didn’t catch it the first time, I’m a percolator girl. I am well aware in this society of K-Cups, Tassimos and Timmy Ho-hos, I am the minority. Hey, nothing wrong with that kind of brew; I may even partake in a pinch. Just not the way I prefer my ‘fee.

My first exposure to percolated coffee was 1998 when the only coffee maker my husband had in his tiny dank apartment in Pembroke, Ontario was an aluminum stove-top percolator. That thing made the best tasting coffee ever! Throw forward two years ago when we found an electric percolator at Value Village for $7.99, and voila! I was hooked onto the percolated coffee every morning! That percolator almost started a fire in my kitchen before finally kicking the bucket. But, at that point, there was no turning back – percolators all the way for this household!

My husband and I have been through a succession of coffee makers over the years; I’d hazard around five or six since we got together. Most of them were drip makers, all lasted no longer than two years before meeting their maker. Something would happen to them and they just would quit working. This time, our Cuisinart percolator’s heating element failed almost two years to the day I bought it. They just don’t make ’em like they used to.

Every time something like this happens I try to look for a different brand thinking maybe I’ll find the golden coffee maker that will last until eternity. Then that maker busts….and well…frankly, I am running out of coffee maker brands, especially when it’s hard to find an electric percolator.

Where I live in Ontario, you are limited to maybe 4 different places to buy coffee makers – Walmart, Canadian Tire, Sears or Target. At that, you are pretty much limited to two brands of percolator – Hamilton Beach and Cuisinart. The choice of coffee maker matches the demand; if I am to judge what people are into coffee-maker-wise these days, I’d say that Keurig and Tassimo are sweeping the nation, interspersed with conventional drip coffee makers. My taste in brewed coffee is obviously not popular.

Message received: “percolators are OUT, Sarca!”

…Or, at least the 4 different stores I ran to yesterday looking for an electric percolator  would tell me this is so.

I’d like to think I’m a pretty smart cookie…Before heading out to hunt down a new one, I checked Walmart and Canadian Tire’s stock online to make sure I was not wasting my time and both said they had Hamilton Beach percolators in stock. Well, the websites LIE!! …okay, they half lie. Walmart had only one boxed Hamilton Beach electric percolator, but I wasn’t buying it; it looked like someone busted it open, then did a Mexican hat dance on the box. Crappy Tire, on the other hand, had nothing but Keurigs and Tassimos in store.

I can hear my inner voice: “Yeah, yeah, deal with it, Sarca. Turn to the dark side – Keurig! Keurig!”

But, NO!! I can’t do it!!

Following my hunting expedition, I returned home in a totally bad mood. I was about to resign to a week of drip-coffee maker coffee and an online order to Amazon, when my husband spirited me away to Target, in an attempt to turn around my bad coffee karma. Lo and behold, the trip was not in vain! I managed to buy the one and only Hamilton Beach electric percolator they had on the shelf, and the box was sealed! Hallelujah!!

Since, I have used my new percolator twice. One thing is for sure, it makes one strong cup of coffee. It will take a bit to adjust the amount of grounds you need to use. But, It makes hot ‘fee! Here’s hoping this percolator lasts another two years!


    1. THREE!?! For shame! I didn’t even think they existed long enough for anyone to own three of them!

      And thanks for the condolences, but I’m over it now lmao! I can’t expect quality at all any more.


  1. We had a Keurig. At one year and a day (of course) it developed a leak. Out it went. It was fine, those K-cups are stupid expensive anyway.

    Also, wanted to let you know you are not alone in the percolator love. We had dinner at friends’ on Saturday night, and that’s his chosen method.

    Also, I can’t resist this: these machines are one of the PERKS of having coffee at your house. Ahem.


    1. Hahaha! Love the puns!
      No one has caught the slip I made about the coffee maker meeting its maker…too obscure I suppose…lol

      People keep wanting to buy me a Keurig / Tassimo for Xmas, thinking I like coffee, ergo Tassimo. No no no…smh. Please, no.

      When I worked in Dietary at a hospital ten years ago they got one to try as a novelty. Meh, it’s okay. I just don’t want one. I’ve heard the k-cups are expensive.
      Never mind that DRM biz with the k-cup is stupid.


      1. I admit I missed your pun, but have gone back to admire it, and you certainly have GOOD GROUNDS to be proud of it. Let us never FILTER puns on these blogs.

        The K-cups are about $0.60 each at those shops that sell them individually. I think a box is about $17, for… 12? I forget. They’re not cheap.

        Screw the DRM. That single-cup filter we have? Was about $4 at the grocery store. Just crack the K-cup, fill the filter with the contents, boil yer kettle and Get It On.


        1. Daaaamn! Those were some good puns!

          Something was definitely wrong with my old percolator. I was using upwards of 12 scoops of coffee. And coffee ain’t cheap, at least the stuff I am buying. This new percolator only requires 5 scoops (that I can figure, maybe less…I used 6 this morning and the coffee was sonic strong – like Dr. Who strong!) So yeah, it was time for a new maker.


  2. Around here, today, we have four methods of coffee creation.

    1) a self-serve 12-cup machine we use when many guests descend on us. We got it at a yard sale for $1 and have had it for 5 years. Makes coffee nice and hot.

    2) a single-srve coffee filter (sits over the cup), my wife uses it in the mornings when running late. Just boil the kettle and boom.

    3) our stainless Starbucks french press. We do love that thing.

    4) When I need a hit ASAP, I just take instant and hot water from the tap – before you panic, our water is piping hot, from our on-demand water heater. Desperation is desperation.

    And, I’m actually advocating for a fifth method to be introduced:

    5) IV drip. Seriously. Let’s cut to the chase, here.

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    1. Hoho! I’m all over the mainlining of coffee.

      We have similar method to yours, including the single serving over the cup. That thing rocks! Found it for $3 at Metro

      My husband will have instant coffee

      Haven’t tried the French Press method at home. How do you keep the coffee hot?

      The only reason I don’t do the on-the-stove perc is because the hubs gets up 2 hours after I have left for work, and well, yeah, fire hazard and all. I don’t want to leave the stove on.


      1. The only other way I’ve considered getting more coffee is one othose backpacks that cyclists wear, with the straw that comes up over your shoulder. But that’d only be good in winter – summer it’d be too hot.

        Yup, my lovely wife loves the single-filter thing. You can do tea in them too, right.

        Our Starbuck press is stainless steel and insultaed. Keeps coffee warm a good long while. Of course, we’ve never had coffee go long enough to find out just how long it will keep it warm… My Dad bought it for us, I think when we moved to Ontario as a housewarming gift (and so he can have good coffee when he visits, natch). I know it wouldn’t have been cheap (nothing at that store is), but we’ve been back in the province 9 years and it’s still rocking.

        It’s this one:


        Yeah, don’t leave the stove on. You should get your hubby a 12-cup with a timer, put it beside his bed and program it to get up when you do. The smell of coffee next to his head would definitely wake him up. 🙂

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      2. Haha give ‘er! YES!

        Well, when they installed this wall-mount on-demand water heater in our house, I had them bump up the temps a bit. The straight hot water from our tap is definitely hot enough, and faster than a kettle, too.

        Yeah, around 0600 is when we’re up too. And at least one kid.


        1. I’m up,at 530 as well as i start at 730 and I can’t sleep til the last minute than bolt to work! I gotta get up as I have our Cusinart k-cuper ready to roll and a good hit of Timmy’s( as my daughter gets 15% off so I tap her to buy my fix for myself and my wife!) and of course I gotta now read what’s going on in blog nation!

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  3. I’m a percolator fan too but I’m wondering if what I’m thinking of is the same thing, because I haven’t come across an electric percolator before.

    What I use sits on our gas stove, it has three components: (1) a compartment at the bottom for water, (2) a metal filter-type thing (like an inverted funnel) in which I place the ground coffee, which sits in the bottom compartnet (and through which the quasi-boiling water streams through) and (3) the bit at the top that collects the coffee-infused water.

    Traditionally these would be made out of aluminium but given I use mine daily I saw value in spending more to get a stainless steel ones.

    Is what I’m thinking of the same? We call them stovetop espresso makers in Australia…


    1. I know what you’re talking about, and percolators are a bit different…

      ^ that there is a stovetop variety percolator. The electric percolator is the same thing but acts like an electric kettle that you plug in. You don’t have to babysit it while it percs – it just stops and keeps warm when done. I’ve heard the Stovetop espresso maker called a moka pot around here in Canada.


      1. Yeah, that’s quite similar to the stovetop espesso (like this http://www.petersofkensington.com.au/Public/Avanti-Art-Deco-Espresso-Maker-6-Cup.aspx).

        Your post is timely…at work I don’t have access to a café or any coffee apart from the communal drip coffee. Compared to mymorning stovetop espresso at home the drip coffee lacks body (particularly as I’m currently enjoying a Peruan blend of coffee at home which lives up to the claim on the packet that it has ‘milk chocolate’ undertones…yum).


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