Taking On the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

That’s right, ol’ Cupface did it!

I hate cold. Warm sweaters, hot showers and steaming bevies are my friends. But, when my hubs challenged me to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (video HERE) I had to participate.

Sure, it’s gimmicky. Everyone and their cousin is doing it. But it’s fun, dammit! It’s for a great cause. And for what it’s worth, those videos make me smile, so I did one too.

This video wasn’t easy for me to do. I don’t really like to put my face out there – I mean, I have resisted it for over a year! My written words speak louder than face time. I’m not a natural born actor. On film, as in real life, my eyes are shifty, and often my nerves take over, creating an awkward Sarca.

But, what the hell; I downed a cuppa, and ‘GAVE ‘ER’. And it was a BLAST!

Special thanks to my loving hubs, Kevin, for pouring the frigid water over my head. I know he enjoyed that part!

In turn, I challenge the following charter members of the Cupface Crew: Mike Ladano, Aaron from KeepsMeAlive, Geoff from 1001 Albums and finally Mr.1537 to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! Fill up yer ice trays, guys! I’ll give you dudes one week.

Now go out there, and GIVE ‘ER!



  1. Well done Sarca – glad to see the Cupface made an appearance at the beginning & if one is going to step out from behind the cup, might as well do it in grand style like this!
    Really powerful video at the end.

    To quote Barney Stinson, challenge accepted – hopefully film today!

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