The Cupface Phenomenon

It all started with one photo I posted; my face half covered with an extra large Tim Hortons cup (my avatar). It was a way to keep my face hidden for privacy until I felt more comfortable putting my face “out there.”

Then this past Canada Day, I posted a selfie with my maple leaf mug, just to celebrate. I wasn’t intending to create a phenomenon but, since then the tag “Cupface” has multiplied in the WP reader, growing into a challenge among my blogger friends and fellow Caught Me Gaming readers, goading each other to post pics of themselves with a cup to the face. The results have been nothing less than hilarious!

It started with Mike Ladano, then Aaron at Keeps Me Alive, Geoff at 1001 Albums and finally, Mr. 1537 jumped in. Thanks, guys, for making me laugh out loud! 🙂

I know there are others out there hoping to join in – and I encourage you to get in on the fun!


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