Buried On Mars Vs. Super Mario Bros

Shout out time!

My husband, Buried On Mars’s newest video series called “Mars Vs Super Mario Bros” is up on his YouTube channel, and it’s awesome! (Okay, I know I sound biased…but it is good!),


Anyone who grew up playing Super Mario Bros and tried to complete it can identify with my hubs’ plight as before now he never has finished the game. In fact he has complained how much he sucks at Super Mario Bros.

Does he complete the game? Does he throw down his controller in frustration?

Grab yourself a coffee and ice cream, and follow his journey.  Watch all four videos, starting here:

(By the way, that’s my voice you hear at the start of his videos).



    1. The guy’s name is Gerry Phillips and he is on YouTube. He uses his hands to make fart noises and eventually got so good at it he moved on to hand farting songs. I think he’s even done Bon Jovi.


    1. He is using Adobe Premiere (Adobe creative suite). And yes, he has an Asus gaming laptop. The Adobe suite is expensive, but before I got the software at a discount at my work, he was subscribing to it monthly ($25 a month).


      1. How was the learning curve on that?

        I’m partway through the first installment now. I can honestly say I’ve never made it to 5-2 without warping so good on him already.


        1. Kevin’s background is television broadcasting, so he is familiar with editing software. But, I’ve also used Premiere a long time ago, and if I recall, it wasn’t bad. Wasn’t too steep. If you can Photoshop, you can Premiere.


    1. Haha that narrator is meee!

      He had me sit down with a mic in front of me. Then he said, “say this – previously on mars…” Two takes.

      But I didn’t know he would use it in his videos otherwise I would have put less emPHAsis on the sylLAble lol


        1. Thank you! I’ve been told that too. I’ve done many a voiceover, but nothing commercial. Most recently, I did voiceover work for a friend’s multimedia thesis presentation. I’d love to do that as a secondary career!


          1. That’s cool! I enjoy doing it when I do my own videos.

            My internet connection has been choppy, so I haven’t been able to complete the video series. I hope he is able to complete the game, legit.

            I dig this a lot by the way, it’s a great idea and I enjoy seeing someone play basically all the levels I couldn’t get past. Some of these levels I’ve never really seen before because we’d warp.

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          1. I like the quality of the split screen editing, I like his dialogue, and I really like the perspective of the Mario newcomer. So this is unique among videos already out there.


            1. I told him to stick with this because it is unique. Glad you like it!

              Next game he’s doing is Startropics – due to upload on Friday. I am contributing VO for that series too.


            2. Right on looking forward to it. I’m posting a brand new video tomorrow!

              I like when he says to the squid, “You’re a dick”.

              OK unpausing.


            3. HE mows the grass, I garden. Them’s the rules lol. I’m actually out back in our gazebo (off camera) having some noms, taking a break from macheteing the garden. Weather hasn’t been great for it until today.


            4. No, it’s all him – tripod, camera and lighting. It has to be all him because we are on opposite work shifts these days.


            5. Impressive because of the multiple setups. It’s Survivorman style…first he goes out side to set up the camera, then he films himself going outside!


  1. I don’t know from gaming (which means I won’t be able to comment on much of your site 🙂 ) but I did enjoy watching your hubs’ videos on Mario. That’s some pretty great old school stuff, and his commentary is funny. I like the stream of consciousness approach. Well done!


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