Another Blogging Milestone (and some light housekeeping)

Happy Canada Day, everyone!


(Graphic: CESA)

We have cloud cover and possible severe weather heading our way in South-Central Ontario over the next few days, but that won’t stop me from smiling!

And with great reason: I am on a stay-cation for the week. No plans to go anywhere, except day-tripping…maybe.


Ye Olde Caught Me Gaming layout

Last week I decided to freshen up the look of the blog a bit with a new design. Caught Me Gaming’s old theme – Newsworthy – is cool, but quite basic. And as it turns out, quite popular among bloggers I follow these days.


Out with the old, in with the new!

I was fooling around with the templates and came upon the Suits theme: clean, simple and easy to read. As well, it looks great with any graphic you throw at it. ‘Suits’ it is! Any comments on the new look is appreciated!

With the new theme, I have added a few extra things:

A “Sarca Raves” area- which will list four of my top most recent favourite games, movies, etc, which would be linked to their respective blog posts.

Also, I have added a complete index of all the games I have reviewed thus far with a link to their blog posts. Check up at the menu tab for that and stay awhile – there might be a review you’ve missed!

Some cool things have happened lately for Caught Me Gaming…Beside celebrating its first birthday, the blog just got its 101 st follower! Now, I know I’ve said that numbers are not important – they aren’t. But, I believe it is always good to have goals. Having 100 followers after one year of blogging was one of mine, and I achieved it!

It was a slow climb, but through my blogging, I have met a fantastic group of peeps. With the design change, I have decided to add a blogroll to the site that highlights some of those bloggers that I read, enjoy and interact with; some on a daily basis. Check ’em out, if you are so inclined – you won’t be disappointed.

And with that, I would like to wish a Happy Canada Day to my Canadian peeps, and a happy Tuesday to the rest. Hope you’re enjoying the hot humidity! Grill’ems, ice cream and a beer are in my future!

Canada Day CMG



  1. The new site design looks sharp and thanks for the blogroll shout-out. I like the idea of the index all in one place & the Sarca Raves for the most recent favourable reviews.

    Happy July 1st!


    1. Oh, and I meant to say you’re welcome for the shout-out. You and Mike are the two that have followed me the longest and have a lot to say. I also believe in what you guys put out there!


      1. The reading/writing comments part of the blogging experience has been an unexpected delight for me – it’s hard to believe you’ve only just celebrated blogiversary #1, it feels this network’s been going for longer!


  2. I dig the new layout! I haven’t been able to find a new one I like, but I’ve been itching to do the change.

    Regarding your widget for the “top posts” on the side — I use that one too. It can be a little flaky as to which photo is chooses to use to display from each article. I make sure I add a photo to every article, otherwise it uses my main avatar, which is smaller, and makes the whole grid look weird.



    1. Yes, I have found that too. Also discovered if I’ve only linked to images as opposed to having them uploaded, sometimes they’ll disappear…which shows as a broken link in the Posts widget. :\
      I will have to go back to “them old bones” blogs and upload images to them I guess.

      I was reading on the WP forums about how the widget chooses images – at random. You cannot control it. Stupid, really. It just like if you have a video in your blog, the reader will automatically choose the video. You have no control over that either. Ah well…

      HAPPY CANADA DAY to you, too!!


      1. There is one way you can control the pictures that the widget chooses. If you use photo galleries, it will always pick the first photo from the first gallery in the article. I discovered that by accident. It means I have to plan out my article layouts a bit so that the widget photo is one of the cooler ones.


        1. Good one! I’ll have to remember that! I read that if you choose a “featured picture” that that specific pic is supposed to show up in the wiidget. Doesn’t work. I also read the widget seeks an image of a certain size. So, for whatever reason, it chooses to show my pic of post it notes in my Myst review – not the Myst image. I don’t know…at least with the Sarca Raves I can control what shows up with a little html…


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