[Review] Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold (PC)

When I am in a gaming slump, it’s always good to get back to square and re-visit some “old haunts”. For me, that includes games I have already played, but deemed excellent. Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold fits into that pantheon of great hidden object games. Well made, fun to play and never boring.

I first played Visions of Gold on my 3rd generation iPod Touch, and it was one of the first games from the hidden object genre that I had ever played. When I found the Treasure Seekers trilogy on PC for sale during a boxing day sale at Staples, I had to buy it. Re-playing this game brought back memories for me, and my feelings about it still hold true. If you are after a true and excellent hidden object experience, you cannot go wrong with Visions of Gold.

The Good:


The Bad: Well, if there is anything bad about this game it’s…well…the story. There I said it. The story is cheese and “out there” but it’s all for fun, so get over yourself, Sarca!!

TreasureSeekers Nelly cmg

Nelly and Tom are kids and adventure seekers whose long-dead grandma was a pirate. Grandma had a trove of gold hidden away on some distant island. Armed only with their wits, the two embark on an adventure which includes riding off on a raft downstream, going exploring underwater and meeting up with weird characters…all with their parents’ permission, right? RIGHT?? …Okay, best not to ask…

TreasureSeekers Tom cmg

Yes, the story is far-fetched…I mean, who would believe this woman was a pirate*?


Regardless, what makes this game great are the graphics, complexity of hidden object puzzles and variety of scenes.  The hidden object puzzles are plentiful and interesting – you click on an object and are asked to locate items for that object. Tiny grey outlines of the items are given, and once located are simply dragged and dropped onto the object. There is a hint button, and a skip button is there if you want to blaze a trail through the game.

TreasureSeekers hog cmg

The one thing I like about Visions of Gold is just how placid a game it is. There are no timers, no punishments for overclicking or choosing an incorrect object…When I mentioned this to the hubs, he said, “What’s the point?” The point is to have a game that allows you good time without any stress. Sometimes, that’s what the casual gamer is after. This one really is just a relaxing game to play. Visions of Gold truly is a casual gamer’s dream.


*Okay, maybe she downloads music illegally or something.

Treasure Seekers: Visions of Gold
Developer: G5 / Big Fish Games
Released: 2010

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