Has it really been a year already??


Tomorrow marks the 1 year anniversary of Caught Me Gaming! I can’t believe how fast the time has gone or that I am still going strong with this blog!

They say blogging is 50% writing and 50% community, which has truly been the case for me. I have met a great group of people on here and continue to foster good relationships. I’ve been having a blast and hope to continue the momentum.

I will continue to dig into the obscure casual games that no one has heard of (my bread and butta!) and of course, I hope to crack open Mass Effect 2 soon.

I know you have noticed I have started writing more outside the casual gaming set, incorporating movie reviews and music experiences. I enjoy telling those tales too, so expect an expansion of that in the future.

Thanks for a wonderful year. It’s been fun!

~ Sarca


  1. Congrats and happy bloggiversary! Keep it up, random obscure games for the win! By the way have you ever played the mosquito game? It’s a Japanese game for Playstation (one I think), you get to be a mosquito. Very unique, you’d probably like it, haha!


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