[Music] 1987 Corey Hart and 2014 Me Meet Again

June 3, 2014 marked Corey Hart’s “Farewell Concert” in Montreal. I guess it’s all over…

His legacy lovingly lives on my iPod as I listen to his hits: “Sunglasses at Night,” “Never Surrender,” “Ain’t Enough For You,” and “Eurasian Eyes,” among others. Every time one of his songs plays, it brings me back to when I was a kid.

Perusing pics of Corey on Google Images, I am reminded of the old days when his spiky messy hair was a style (oh, yes it was!)…how he seemed to pout at the camera like Zoolander (the 80s version of a duckface), and ooo those bracelets!


I am also remembering how my sis and I used to make fun of him in his videos – he could stare down the camera like no one’s biznazz…

My mom was very much against having my sis and I buy music back then, even though we had ghetto blasters and walkmans, so as a result, I didn’t have any Corey Hart on cassette growing up, but I did manage to sneak-buy some Corey Hart 45s.

For a guy with the 80s punky haircut, he didn’t have any real edginess with his music. I hazard the most lively song that made the radio is a toss-up between “Sunglasses at Night” and “Boy in the Box”. But, the rest was very fit for adult contemporary: “I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You,” “It Ain’t Enough,” and “Never Surrender,” are just a few examples. His popularity among tweens was undenyable, maybe less for his music, and more because of his boyish good looks that mirrored other dudes from that time. I note similarities between Corey and Michael Damian from the Young and the Restless, and Roger Taylor from Duran Duran. Speaking of the devil…Corey’s single cover art had a more Duran Duran feel – one would assume – to attempt to appeal to a younger generation…those who listened to Duran Duran…which, in the years 1984 – 87, was ME.


(Photo: 3.bp.blogspot)

And guess what? It worked.


Check it out…$16.50. Rolling Stones, eat your $350 per ticket heart (Hart?) out!

In June 1987, Corey Hart briefly toured to support his Fields of Fire album. He came to Sudbury, Ontario and a small group of classmates and I went (parent chaperoned!). We had “okay” seats in the Sudbury Arena. It was my first rock concert that I can recall*, and I bought a t-shirt to commemorate the date. The girls screamed so loud when he took the stage, no one paid attention to his singing. Shortly after that concert, he cancelled his other dates due to exhaustion.

And like everything in a pre-teen’s life, Corey quickly faded into obscurity for me and INXS took over…his musical memory now forever tucked away on my iPod to surprise my adult self with his mellow tunage as I drive to work.

[One final Corey Hart “stares off into space” image for good measure:]

(Photo: CBC)

*I am not counting Nana Mouskari or Frank Mills.


  1. Fiiting – I remember he had a song ‘3rd of June’ on the continuous light hits radio station that played at the grocery store I worked at in high school.

    Other favourite Corey Hart memory – in the pre-google days, trying to decipher what on earth he says during the chorus of Sunglasses at Night!

    Nice post Sarca


    1. Yes, no kidding!
      “Don’t mess around with the guy in shades – oh no! ‘Cause you got it made with the guy in shades -oooh!”

      And yes, very fitting – a song about June 3, when his last performance was June 3 – nice!


  2. You should check out the cover of Sunglasses at Night by a new Canadian band called Persist. I spoke to the lead singer after a concert in Toronto on June 4 where they opened up for Scorpion Child. He said they did not need to ask permission from Corey Hart to cover his song, but they did anyway. He said that Corey told the band that their version was his favourite cover.
    P.S. Keep bringing back those 80’s memories. I am new to your posts, but will be following now.


    1. Hi Brian, thanks for the follow (my first email follow!!). And, I have many 80s memories – it’s just getting them out of my head onto paper! I’ll check out that cover.


        1. Hi Brian,
          For some reason your comment got thrown into my spam filter and didn’t see it until today…I watched the video and think it’s a great rendition of the song. Thanks for posting!


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