[Gaming Diary] Mass Effect (Xbox 360): Part 11

This is my Eleventh entry in my gaming diary for Mass Effect (Xbox 360).

First-time reader and need context? Please go here.

Update from part 10 of the Gaming Diary:

Pepe Shep and crew are stuck on Peak 15 on the planet Noveria, looking to eradicate the rachni, an alien species that sort of look like a cross between a lobster, shrimp and some gross crawly insect. The bewwwbly matriarch gets sent to boob heaven.

(Photo: meodia.com)

Part 6: Virmire

Plot Developments and Gameplay combined:

The crew in the Normandy get some intel that there is a Salarian troupe on the planet Virmire that says Saren is there. Time to pack up and get in the mako again!

Upon approaching Virmire, the Normandy detects strong geth transmitters around the area, but manages to drop Shep, Garrus and Kaiden* just under their shields undetected. It didn’t take long, however, to be swarmed by geth.

One thing I noticed immediately when the mako landed on Virmire was how much it reminded me of a tropical island. So lush! Birds were flying around, and there was a vast ocean beyond a quay. Beautiful!

Virmire (Photo: guides.gamepressure.com)

The area you travel in the game consists of various canals among these rock cliffs. At one point, the mako traveled downhill in a water-slide culvert thingy. Weee! If it wasn’t for the fact that Pepe was actually getting his ass shot off by geth, he may have wanted to take a vacay there.

Pepe, Ashley and Kaiden enjoy some free time on Virmire before defending the universe from Saren…Hey, one can dream, right? (artist’s interpretation) (Photo: fc00.deviantart.net)

The first part of this mission involves killing these huge geth transmitters found on the planet. All the way through Pepe used the mako to kill various types of geth machinery – geth drones, armatures, juggernauts…Amazingly the mako made it through all of it, but not without getting a critical mission failure (I died).

BTW, the hubs casually sat with me while I was playing this part of the game.

When I first went to fight these geth on Virmire, I ran a lot of them over with the mako instead of shooting at them. Yeah, true confessions: I wanted to see what I could get away with. Could I get through this part without shooting at anything? Yeah, obviously not. And of course, the mako didn’t make my life any easier. When I “died” the first time, I set things right the second time around and fought them.

One of the many types of geth I fought (Photo: img4.wikia.nocookie.net)

After managing to kill all the transmitters, we travel to an area where the Salarian army who sent for us has set up camp. The leader is Captain Kirrahe and upon Pepe’s arrival he asks if he was the only group sent to help him because they are in real trouble as he has lost most of his men investigating the island for Saren’s base. He says the base is packed with geth and that he won’t be able to gain access without a heavy fight, with presumably more casualties.

It’s at this point that Kirrahe also tells Shep that Saren has also been breeding Krogans (remember Wrex?) to fight in his army. Wrex happens to overhear the convo and asks how this could be. Krogans have a genetic mutation within them called a genophage which increases the chances of miscarriages and stillbirths in female Krogans. Saren’s kind, the turians, created the genophage as a biological weapon a long time ago as a way of decreasing the Krogan population during a war between turians and krogans. Well, guess what? Saren found a cure for the genophage, and is turning things around for his benefit! He is now breeding Krogans to be a part of his fighting army. It’s for that reason that Kirrahe says this cure needs to be destroyed. Wrex doesn’t agree, obviously. These are his people and at last there is a cure to help his species. Wrex confronts Captain Kirrahe before Shep steps in.

Now what follows is the most jaw-dropping sequence I have experienced in Mass Effect so far..

Shep goes over to reason with Wrex. He is very disappointed a decision to kill the genophage cure will be enacted. Wrex considers Shep a problem and pulls a gun on him. At this point, the game gave me five choices in conversation, and one of them was “Shoot Wrex”. When I read that, I was like, “What?! NO!” I chose “We can work this out”.

We can work it out…we can work it out…. (Photo: img.gawkerassets.com)

Well, immediately after I chose “We can work this out,” Ashley comes in from behind and:

POW! (Photo:img3.wikia.nocookie.net)

That’s right, Ashley shoots Wrex dead! I couldn’t believe it! The hubs and I looked at each other in shock!**

Pepe then returns to Kirrahe who has a plan to infiltrate Saren’s base, but it involves the use of one of Shep’s crew members. The game gave me Kaiden or Ashley to choose from to fight with the salarians. I chose Ashley, and here is why: Ashley always seemed to have an independent fighting spirit in the game. She always says she is ready for anything, and since she went ahead and shot Wrex on her own, I figured she would have enough in her to battle with the salarians for another showdown. I didn’t see this as punishment for shooting Wrex.

Until next time…

*I chose Garrus and Kaiden to accompany Pepe with no real rhyme or reason. I like Garrus, and only used Kaiden in the early parts of the game.

**The hubs has played Mass Effect at least 3 times and said he had Wrex die while he played, nor had ever heard of him dying in the game. Well, look what I accomplished! LOL


    1. I just stumbled upon that one of the three of them playing water volleyball which someone created as a joke (obvs). Priceless! Had to share it!


  1. When I saw where you were in the game, I knew the scene with Wrex was coming up. It one of my favorite parts of the series and I had to see what you were going to do. I wasn’t sure what the outcome was going to be but I did know that his death was possibility. I just had never seen it before since I always saved him and didn’t know Ashley was the one who did the deed.


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