[Gaming Diary] Mass Effect (Xbox 360): Part 9

This is my Ninth entry in my gaming diary for Mass Effect (Xbox 360).

First-time reader and need context? Please go here.

Update from Part 8 of the Gaming Diary:

On the planet Feros, Pepe Shep and crew seek and destroy the Thorian, a disgusting plant that has telepathic capabilities. It also is able to clone other organisms. This thorian was used in experiments against a colony of humans on Zhu’s Hope. And, of course, Saren was after it.

Shep also meets one of Saren’s worshippers, Shiala. She was held captive in the thorian and was cloned repeatedly. Shiala tried to help Shep with those visions he saw from the prothean beacon, but he still is having trouble interpreting them.


Chapter 5: Noveria

Plot Developments and Gameplay Combined:

Shep and crew head to Noveria because they received a report of geth interest in the planet and the council wants to know why.

This round, I chose Garrus and Liara to be on Shep’s crew. It was random reasoning why I chose these characters, but wound up being a good thing considering the plot developments that take place around Liara’s mum, the Bewwwbly Matriarch.

The Normandy lands on Noveria, and immediately the crew are met with some not-so-nice officers. Apparently, they don’t like it when you “swing by” unannounced. Shep uses his Spectre cred to gain entry. They then meet with someone named Gianna, an Administrative Assistant to a dude named Anoleis. It isn’t long in the introduction when she indiscreetly spills the beans about the Bewwwbly Matriarch paying a visit to the planet. We find out through the grapevine she is somewhere not accessible due to a snow storm in the area.

Anoleis (Photo: img3.wikia.nocookie.net)

We also meet Gianna’s boss who is a real d-bag, and not too pleased to see Shep. This guy reveals that Saren and Mrs. Bewwbs have business with the planet, and that no one will be able to leave because of the snow. Upon leaving, Gianna tells Shep to go talk to Lorik Qui’in, a turian.

On his way to the hotel lounge, an asari tries to get Shep to do some spying on a guy at the bar that works in biotic technology. The whole thing sounds shady and not something Shep would do, so I declined him from doing that task.

At the lounge, Lorik asks Shep for help. He says that the a-hole Anoleis is a corrupt SOB, and he has proof on his workstation computer – could Shep retrieve it?  Shep is willing to help in exchange for Lorik’s garage pass so his team can leave the area without trouble.

Lorik Qui’in (Photo: i1.ytimg.com)

The crew manages to retrieve the information Lorik needed, but holey, a lot of fighting and bloodshed.

On the way back, before returning the info to Lorik, Shep meets up with Gianna again, who reveals she is an undercover internal affairs agent who wants Shep to give her the information he got for Lorik, because Anoleis is corrupt; they need hard evidence. She asks Shep to somehow convince Lorik to testify before the executive board of the planet. I chose to give Lorik the info he wanted in exchange for the garage pass. I also told Lorik that they wanted him to testify in front of the executive board, to which Lorik said, “Screw that!”

Gianna…Those eyes, those crazy-ass eyes… (Photo:masseffect-universe.de)

Here are my reasons for why things went down like they did:  I could have done everything this lady wanted me to…given her all the info, forced Lorik to testify…Honestly, though, Gianna did not convince me that she was genuine in helping anyone but herself. And by the way, the last time I checked, Pepe Shep was Spectre. I was shocked by Gianna’s reaction to the outcome with Lorik: she freaked out when she didn’t get her way and kicked them all out when she found out what transpired. You see? I was right about her…

Thanks to Lorik, Shep is armed with a garage pass. Knowing we are now on a bolo for the bewwwbly matriarch, it’s time to get back in that confounded mako, put on our toques and get ready for the wintry Noveria weather ahead.

(Photo: stickskills.com)

Until next time…


  1. Just wanted to stop by and say I am indeed trying to keep up, but I only understand about 10 words 🙂 I do enjoy the graphics though. As a sci fi fan, I think they’re great.


    1. Haha, I know this stuff is complex. It’s okay. I know I’ve lost some people with it (haven’t seen them on here in a bit), but I know this is because I have readers who aren’t largely into video games. That’s okay.


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